Review: Dumplin’ by Julie Murphy


Dumplin’ by Julie Murphy


This is one book you need to add to your TBR stack NOW if you have not already. This story gave me all of the feels and in the best ways possible. I almost wish I could read it again for the first time.

Dumplin’ is the story of Willowdean and her struggle with being an overweight teenager in a small Texas country town. That may not sound like much but growing up in a small town is tough, I can tell you from experience. Willowdean has accepted and embraced the fact that she is overweight. She is not out to be the most popular or follow the crowd, which is very refreshing. All of that changes quickly and Willowdean struggles to stay true to herself.

I felt a connection to Willowdean having grown up overweight myself. I wish I had half as much self-confidence as she has, it might have made my younger years a lot easier. The rest of the characters had their voices and quirks, some of which were not so enjoyable, but you still found yourself cheering for them all.

There were parts of the romance within this story that felt like they hit too close to home, they were that realistic. At the same time, I felt like some of the story was left out because I could not figure out how or why Willowdean and the love interest, Bo, went from happy to mad at each other. I kept flipping back a few pages to make sure I did not miss anything. The ending felt a wee bit rushed, and again, made me feel like I missed something.

Overall, this was just a fun, inspiring, and entertaining read. I cannot say that enough. The pages will keep turning and you will find yourself giggling at parts, while swooning at others. This was such a refreshing contemporary read. I recommend everyone pick it up now. I gave his book 4.5 out of 5 stars.



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