YA Book Subscription Boxes – Which is better?

By now, we all have heard about the various YA book subscription boxes that are available. But which one(s) might be better? IS one better than the other? The honest truth: No. They are both equally awesome and here is why.


From their website, “Incredible Book Mail For Young Adult Readers. Get The Best YA Books and Bookish Items Every Month.” This is a very true statement. This is an incredible YA book subscription service. They send new books that have just been released, along with other adorable book goodies. Here is what they sent for the November box:


Pros: Newly released books; adorable bookish gifts (necklace, keychain, etc); lovely prints; personalized note; the book is marked with notes that can help enhance a reader’s experience; and signed bookplates

Cons: Sent via USPS so you will not always receive it within two days of shipment.

The cost for Uppcase is $23/month before taxes. You can upgrade to the higher plan where they send you personalized book selections. They also have a cheaper plan, $17/month, but you will not receive the bookish items.

Observation: Recently I have seen people post their Uppercase boxes on social media and seen they have received a different book than I have. Is that an issue? Not really unless I wanted to read that book more than what I received. Is there a way to exchange the books for what someone else has received? No, there is not.


From their website, “Can’t get enough YA in your life? OwlCrate to the Rescue!” I will be very honest – I have an obsession with owls so naturally I wanted to see what this one was about! The really fun thing about this subscription – they have monthly themes! November’s theme was “Fantasy”; October was “Spooky”. Knowing there is a theme makes you really anxious to find out what book and goodies are being sent. Here is what they sent me for my November box:



Pros: Newly released books; adorable bookish gifts (necklace, keychain, etc); lovely prints; other bookish items like seen above; monthly themes.

Cons: Sent via USPS so you will not always receive it within two days of shipment. The subscription spots fill up fast so you cannot always sign up for the month you want. (I was on the waiting list for 3 months before a spot opened up for me.)

The cost for Owlcrate is $29.99/month before taxes. There is only one plan available.

I know there are other subscription boxes available and I only have experience with one: Bookworm Box. I supported them from the beginning because all proceeds went to charity. I received their first box when they had just started, before it became a true subscription service. It was no secret that I was not happy with what I received. The premise was not clear on what type of book and goodies one would receive so it felt like the luck of the draw. I was surprised, to put it nicely, when I opened the box to find two adult/mature books that I had never heard of. I am not ever opposed to reading an adult/mature book but this was just not what I was expecting. Everything in the box was adult themed and I felt let down. I contacted the service via email and expressed my feelings of being somewhat disappointed. They were quick to respond and apologize. They also sent me two more books, adult fiction based, at no charge.

Overall, I have been VERY happy with the two subscription boxes I have. I have had to inquire once or twice when my subscription box would arrive but that was because the postal system chose to deliver a week or more late. I look forward to these boxes every month because who doesn’t love getting book mail? Plus they feel like little pick-me-ups during the month. I do not favor one over the other, I enjoy them both so much. If you have it in your budget to try one, I would suggest you try it.

What do you think? Do you have a book subscription box that arrives each month? If you could sign up for one, what would it be? Let me know in the comments!






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