My December TBR

Well, I have done it. I have finally, finally caved and set myself a TBR list. I have not done one in the past as I just read whatever jumped out at me from my bookshelves. That is not always a bad way to read but I found I constantly ran into the problem of not knowing what to read. I have gone to my friends so many times asking what I should read. They would all give amazing suggests and after a few days of pondering what to pick up, I would find myself reading something completely different than what was recommended. NO MORE! Now I am determined to read these brilliant and beautiful books that have been staring at me every time I walk into my library.

Introducing my December 2015 TBR list:


Yes, it is an aggressive stack of books and I highly doubt I will be able to read everything this month but I really want to try. I started KoD yesterday and already 100+ pages in so that I am off to a good start. If I cannot finish in December, I will continue into January. I am really going to try to read the books I have already instead of buying more. (HA! That probably won’t stop me from buying more…)

What do you think of my TBR? Good? Bad? Too much? Think I should have already read these instead of the ho-hum I have been flipping through lately?Β What is on your December TBR list?Β Let me know!




2 thoughts on “My December TBR

  1. The Kiss of Deception is SOOOOOOOOOOO good!!!!!! As is its sequel, The Heart of Betrayal! I hope you love KoD and end up reading HoB, too!!!!! Snow like Ashes was also really enjoyable, though I DNF’d the sequel 😦

    As for my December TBR, I’ve already read Ash & Bramble (which was meh), Lock & Mori (which was okay) and now I’m starting Bloodspell by Amalie Howard because I have an eARC of the sequel, Bloodcraft! I LOVE Amalie, so I’m very excited for these! I’m also hoping to mine the Falling Kingdoms books, since book four comes out this month! But I also want to binge the Blythewood (Carol Goodman) trilogy, so I’ll see how it all goes! Haha! I never to a set mostly TBR because I’m such a mood reader!

    Happy reading!!!


  2. Great TBR, Sara!!!! I absolutely loved All the Bright Places and I’m planning on reading I’ll Give You the Sun, The Rose Society, and Snow Like Ashes this month too! I think TBRs are always a great idea, but I’ve realized I rarely follow my TBRs so I’m not sure if I’ll continue doing them. I’ll have to see.


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