ARC Review: The Accident Season

The Accident Season


What is it with books with amazing covers and wonderful concepts boring me to death? I fell for this book the minute I read the blurb. It sounded creepy and haunting… an entire month were the main character, Cara, and her family suddenly become exceedingly accident-prone. The smallest task could send someone to the ER, or worse. I really thought I was going to like this book more than I did. I tried, I really tried but it just was not for me.

This story was written beautifully, but I felt the plot and story line were simply all over the place. I do not feel the plot and story line were fully developed and that left me wondering if I missed part of the story. I did not feel any “haunting” or “thrills” at all. I actually kept hoping those chills and feelings of suspense would start on the next page but that just did not happen. The author tried really hard to mix together a supernatural feel with magical realism and it fell flat. I felt as if I could not understand what the author was really trying to accomplish.

The end also left me puzzled. It felt like the book was not finished, as if there was more to the story but the author chose to not take the story to a proper conclusion. I pushed through until the end because I desperately wanted to find out what was going on. Every instinct I had told me to DNF but I ignored and paid the price. I am actually upset with myself because I do not feel any type of resolution with this book.

Overall, this was just an okay story. It was by no means good but it was not earth shattering, mind blowing like some of the reviews I have read. I needed more and expected more from this novel.



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