Review: Life & Death – Twilight Reimagined

Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined

Guest post by ChristinaR. Follow her on Twitter @ReaderByDay


Let me start by saying that I am still unsure of exactly how I feel about this reimagined version of Twilight. In some ways it is far superior to the original and in others, I was highly disappointed with choices that were made. Besides the name and pronoun changes, most of the story is the same with a few slight modifications due to the gender swapping. You really can just skip to the end and not miss much. No spoilers but, the ending isn’t the same. Unfortunately, that is about the time Ms. Meyer roped me in and then quickly lost me.

When I first started reading this, I was so pre-occupied with relating these characters to the originals. Once I let go of that and just read, it got a lot better. Meyer’s intention was to prove that the genders did not play much of a role in the story but, in my opinion, she proved herself very wrong on that account. I actually much prefer Beau and Edythe to Bella and Edward. Where Bella was annoyingly awkward and weird, Beau is endearingly awkward. I actually wanted to reach out and catch him when he stumbled rather than my strong desire to push Bella when she started to fall (sorry for the hostility, but that’s just how she made me feel). Edythe is a tough chick but maintains enough feminine qualities that it isn’t disturbing. She seems to make more sense than Edward, as I always felt that he was a bit on the feminine side besides his strength but, that was supernatural so… does that really count? Watching Beau and Edythe fall for each other hit me a lot harder than Bella and Edward too. It sent me straight into flashbacks of my high school crushes/infatuations. Most of the other character swaps didn’t have much of an impact on me besides Archie (formerly Alice), Jules (formerly Jacob), and McKayla (formerly Mike Newton). Meyers did a much better job of illustrating the bond between Edythe and Archie as well as Beau and Archie (I kind of love Archie). I feel like Jules got the shaft in this one. For some reason, she didn’t have the same impact that Jacob had. And McKayla seemed more like a stalker. I liked Mike in Twilight and I felt bad for him not ever having a chance with Bella but McKayla got NO sympathy from me.

Overall, I’m glad I read this though, I still cannot give you a definitive answer on whether or not I actually liked it. I do love Beau and Edythe though. I was rooting for them the whole time and I truly enjoyed watching them fall in love. It was much more relate-able in many ways and made me happy. I don’t know that this is the best version she could have done and I will always be wishing for Midnight Sun. I do wish this had been the original story, however. It was very interesting to see the strong female vampire and the clumsy, awkward male human and I appreciate the opportunity to explore that relationship.

Beau and Edythe FOR-EV-ER!


Have you read this book? What did you think? Let us know in the comments.


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