Review: Finding Mr. Brightside by Jay Clark

Finding Mr. Brightside


I tried really, really hard to like this book. In the end, it was not me, it was you, book. We just did not mesh and that hurt. We gave it a try and it just was not meant to be. I am starting to really like stories that revolve around loss and people finding themselves after loss. If done correctly, they are beautiful and haunting. This certainly was not one of those stories. And do not let that attractive cover fool you. It is deceiving.

This is a story of two grieving and heavily medicated teens that are trying to cope with the loss of their parents who died. The catch? Their parents were having an affair with each other and died in an accident. What truly drove me nuts throughout this entire book was the author insisting on zigzag back and forth dialogue that did not sound real at all. It sounded horrifically fake and forced, as if the author was trying too hard to be trendy and hip. I also had a big problem with the way certain slurs thrown around as if they was nothing. That bit served no larger purpose to the story. Another sign I was not going to enjoy this book from the start was all of the product placement… a lot of product placement. Instead of describing the item or scene, the author felt it was best to just give the actual name of an actual product. In my mind that means the author lacks the inability to tell a good story.

Overall, this story had the chance to be something amazing and unique. There were one or two parts of the story that I really did enjoy but in the end, I was seriously under whelmed and a little upset I pushed on until the end.




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