Review: Noggin



I have been trying to figure out how to talk about this book. It is such an unusual story that words are failing me. I have read a lot of strange stories but this has now made it on to my top 5.

If you can get past the fact that the MC, Travis, has died of cancer and is brought back to life 5 years later – only his head is brought back to life, mind you – and he his head is attached to the body of another boy who died of a brain tumor, then it is a slightly enjoyable book. Thankfully the story does not go into the medical side of what happened to Travis and the donor body. What the story does talk about is Travis’ struggle with the fact he is alive again but his friends and family have all continued living their lives the 5 years Travis was “dead”. Travis tries so hard to get back the life he knew but has to find out the hard way that people grew up and still continued living without him. Simply, Travis has a tough time finding his place in this new world.

I did not always enjoy Travis’ character. I found him to be rude and selfish. He felt that everything and everyone should be exactly as it was before he passed away. The main part of the story that made me really dislike Travis was what he did to his former girlfriend, Cate. I felt he tortured her (emotionally) throughout this entire book. In this new world, Cate is 21 and engaged, while Travis is still 16 and a teenage boy.  Travis cannot accept this so he pushes HARD to get Cate back. When I say he pushed hard, I mean it. I will not go into details but it made me uncomfortable at times. I felt bad for how everything changed for Travis while he was gone, but I do not feel he handled things in the best possible way.

Overall, this wasn’t a terrible story but it gave me mixed feelings. I liked and disliked this book at the same time. I am not sorry that I read this book but I still do not know how to properly feel about this one.



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