Review: Bone Gap

Bone Gap


I have been trying to figure out the best way to review this book. Part of me really liked this book, while the other part of me is still super confused as to what I read. This story involves kidnapping, love and family, coming of age, and maybe a magical horse and some surrealistic topics. Somehow, it all works.


This is the story of Finn and his life in Bone Gap. Bone Gap is a small town where people have been known to disappear in the gaps. Most people feel they are trapped in this strange and unusual town. The people want to love the town but find that they are unable to leave. One day, Finn and his brother find Roza hidden in their barn. She is badly hurt and terrified. They welcome her in to their home and take care of her. After Roza has healed and found herself falling for Finn’s brother, Roza disappears and only Finn witnessed the abduction. There are several theories as to why Roza has disappeared but nobody is sure why she is gone. The chapters alternate between POVs and lives before the abduction and after the abduction. This all sounds confusing but again, somehow it all works.


Finn is such a wonderful MC. The reader instantly connects with him because he is the target of local bullies. They beat him almost daily, they shout terrible things at him, and never leave him alone. The entire time Finn brushes it off and keeps on trucking. Finn grows up so much during this story and discovers so much about himself as he sets out to find out who abducted Roza.


This story can read like a contemporary but it is more magical realism. I have not read a book like this before so it took me some time to adjust to what I was reading. The end threw me because it ended like a fantasy and totally caught me off guard. I do not think the author should have ended the way it did, like a fantasy, because it was great without that.


I am still struggling with this review because it is hard to properly review this story. All I can really stress is that you need to read this one. This needs to be on your TBR if it is not already.




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