Review: Mosquitoland



I am very happy to write this review since this book was recently featured in one of my “Books Left Unread” posts. I had several people insist I read this book and I am very sad that I waited so long to read this adventure.

This is the story of Mim, a very curious teenager, who sets out on a journey from Mississippi to Cleveland to visit her Mom. Mim is having a very hard time adjusting to her new life with her Dad and new stepmom in her new home in the new town she was relocated to. Mim wants nothing more than to see her Mom, who was sent to a medical facility that is supposed to help her “mysterious illness get better”. Mim leaves school one day and begins her journey on a Greyhound bus. This trip turns out to not go the way she thought it would. Along the way, Mim meets so many eccentric characters that will become incredibly memorable. The two characters that will burrow into your heart are Walt and Beck. The three of them add so many stops to their trip, the end goal remains the same – get Mim to Cleveland to see her Mom.

Mim is one of the most brilliant characters I have ever read. Her wit and snark were so much fun to read. At times I felt she was my spirit animal. Mim’s character took some getting used to but she soon grew on me and I began to really connect with her. I found myself cheering her on and caring what happened to her.

The entire story was not such a fun read. There are parts and characters that made my skin crawl and others that made me furious, but it all comes together to make one heck of a story. My heart is still with this trio and it will be for some time.

I don’t want to give too much of the story away so I will just push you to read this if you haven’t already. I want to shout from the hilltop that everyone needs to read this story. I am kicking myself for not reading it sooner. Please, read this and message me so we can discuss and fangirl.




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