Review: All American Boys

All American Boys


This story caught me off guard. No lie, I do not think I was prepared for this one. I believe this is a book that everyone should read, it is so incredibly relevant that everyone will be captivated by the words.

This is the story of Rashad, a black teen who is simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. He is seriously assaulted by a white cop in a convenience store based on what the white cop perceives is going on. That means, the cop assumes something illegal is taking place because a black teen is in the store with white people present. During the assault, Quinn, Rashad’s white classmate witnesses the crime. Quinn also happens to be a family friend of the white cop. Rashad is rushed to the hospital and tries to comprehend the severity of what he is being accused of – robbing a store. Rashad has never been in trouble before, he is a clean cut teen with good grades and a member of JROTC. All the while, Quinn spends a lot of time going over what he witnessed and realizes that his friend, the cop, was in the wrong.

This is a powerful and painful story of how people of color can be wrongfully accused and how often this happens to people in real life. This story gives an eye-opening perspective into police brutality and injustice. These two authors did an amazing job of bringing this story to light. I really hope more people pick this up it gets more attention.

I found this an incredibly thought-provoking book. I am grateful I picked it up. The only complaint I have is that the story felt too short. I really would have liked to know more about what happened after Rashad leaves the hospital. I hope people pick up this book and let me know their thoughts. I would love to talk to others about this book.



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