Review: All The Bright Places

All the Bright Places


I wish someone had warned me about this book before I read it. Everyone raved about it and reading the blurb I knew I had to read it. I just wish I had been more prepared for the end of this book.

This is the story of Finch and Violet. Finch and Violet found each other on the roof of a building; Violet was there to kill herself and Finch was there to admire the view. This begins the intense relationship between these two. Violet is still dealing with the lost of her sister in a horrific auto accident, while Finch is obsessed with death and ways to die. As their relationship continues and they realize they have found salvation in each other. Violet learns from Finch that she does not want to die, and that she can continue living even after her sister has passed. Finch is simply trying to be himself, but has found something in Violet that he cannot live without.

From the start of this book, I knew something big and serious was going to happen but I was afraid to admit what that might be. I will be very honest, I almost quit reading (listening) because Finch’s character bothered me too much. The way he was always spastic and all over the place was too much for me to handle. Rest assured that this is all a part of his character. I am glad I stuck with it but it was not an easy story.

I did enjoy the characters somewhat. Violet came across as a stuck up snot who was self centered, but maybe she was supposed to come across that way. Finch never stopped moving so that took some getting used to. There were parts of the story where the pacing slowed down to a snail’s pace, which annoyed me.

Overall, this was a powerful yet incredibly serious read. Again, I was not prepared for how heavy this story would ultimately be. I have had first hand experience with someone like Finch so that made the end of the book hit me hard. It was almost more than I could take because it took me to a place in my life where I was not happy. I know I rarely get personal on this blog but I wanted to share that. I do believe people, both YA and adults, need to read this book. It brings a mental illness to light that is often left alone in the dark.




One thought on “Review: All The Bright Places

  1. Yesss. When I read this last year, I wasn’t expecting it to be such a powerful and emotional read. (I didn’t cry though, oops). Although I feel like I enjoyed Finch more than Violet, especially his POVs. But it was also interesting to see Violet cope with her sister’s death. Just…sadness.


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