DNF Review: Glass Sword

Glass Sword (Red Queen, #2)


It hurts my heart and soul to give you my first DNF review of 2016. It hurts even more that it had to be Glass Sword. I was looking forward to this book so much. I enjoyed the first book enough to want to pre-order the second book. What a huge mistake that was for me and I want that money put back on my Amazon gift card.

I DNF’d this at 30%. I do not know how that translates into actual pages as I was listening to the audio book. WHICH, I do not recommend to anyone. DO. NOT. LISTEN. If you follow me on Goodreads, you can see from my status updates that I despised this narrator. She does not have the right voice for this book and above all else – she was a *mouth breather*. That was so not necessary. All I could focus on was her breathing through her mouth like some kind of crazed animal. It appears that she never learned to breath through her nose like a normal human being.

I digress.

Back to the failure that was Glass Sword. I never, ever connected with this story. I never connected with Mare, who was the most self-absorbed, over confident, and pretentious character I have read in a long, long time. Mare’s character did nothing but whine and bitch during the entire 30% of the book I suffered through. When she wasn’t whining, she was insulting everyone with a pulse. Or she was repeating herself, as if she had no other vocabulary to draw from. If I had to hear the words “I’m the lightening girl”, “little lightening girl”, or “anyone can betray anyone” one more time, I was going to wrap a baseball bat with barbed wire and go after her myself. I am not sure I could have rolled my eyes any harder every time those lines were said – which was a lot.

I was so desperately bored with this story line. It did not feel as if it was going anywhere and I found myself not caring what happened to anyone. My brain would pick up bits and pieces of the story and at one point Mare was talking about flying jets. JETS?! How did jets come into this futuristic dystopian story? I’m so confused. The story line was all over the place, the pacing was dreadful, and the characters were shallow. All of that made for a frightful read.

THAT, my lovely readers, is when I gave up and threw in the towel. Like everyone else, I have too many books to read to suffer through bad ones. I happily stopped this audio, let out a sigh of relief at my decision, and moved on. So please, do yourself a favor and do not read this. It may just be a very, very bad case of “second book syndrome” but I wouldn’t risk the frustration.




12 thoughts on “DNF Review: Glass Sword

  1. This was almost a DNF for me too, but I pulled through it (you honestly did not miss much). I agree with you. The story and the characters are hard to connect to, especially when the characters are shallow and underdeveloped, and the pacing is so sporadic with one massive event after another with very little story plot progress.


    1. I am so sorry you suffered through the entire book! I tried, I promise that I really tried but I just could not put myself through that any longer. Happy to hear that I did not miss anything, though. Makes me feel a little better about moving on. Are you going to read book 3 next year?

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  2. I’ve been seeing so much of this book all over book blogs, and it seems almost interesting, but I haven’t been able to decide if I want it or not. I’ve had quite a few bad experiences with HarperTeen debut authors, so I was leaning towards no, anyway. I’m sad to see that you didn’t enjoy it, but thank you for saving me from starting this series. :p


    1. You were right to be hesitant with this new author. Her first book was incredibly interesting and I enjoyed it. That made me excited for Book 2! I even pre-ordered this book *WAAAAAAAH!* But don’t lose any sleep over wondering if this was worth it or not because it isn’t. Don’t fall for the bright and shiny covers like I did. 😦


  3. OY. I didn’t care too much for the first book, so I have been on the fence about this one as a whole. My main drive to read it was the ending of book 1. Anyway, the narrator sounds like a nightmare! I have run into a few narrators I can’t stand and this one would have been added to the list for sure.

    Bummer you couldn’t get through it but I totally understand!!


    1. The end of the first book left me very curious about the second, but it seemed like all of the characters turned into terrible self-centered snots between the books. The narrator is one I will not ever listen to again, no matter how much i want to listen to the book. She would give a loud sharp intake, hold that breath, then start talking. I could not focus on anything other than that. 😐


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