ARC Review: Walk The Edge

Walk the Edge (Thunder Road, #2)


I am still working to collect my feels from the burning pile on the floor. This book destroyed them … again. Katie McGarry has a talent like I have not read and for that, I thank her.

This is the story of Razor and Breanna. Razor is the unstable one of the Reign of Terror group, known for being a walking powder keg. Razor has a huge chip on his shoulder, blaming his father for his mother’s death, which has reeked emotional havoc on him. In the midst of dealing with his issues, he befriends Breanna. Breanna is the super smart, incredibly shy brainiac at school that is constantly picked on. Breanna is number 5 of 9 children and is constantly being forgot about by her entire family. That is how her path crosses with Razor. Breanna’s parents forget to pick her up after a parent/teacher conference one night and Razor is working on his broken down bike in front of the school. Against his better judgement, Razor offers to stay with Breanna until someone picks him up because he is concerned for her safety. Razor has spotted Breanna in school and is incredibly interested in how her brain works and everything else about her. Sure, Breanna has heard the horror stories that surround anyone belonging to the Terror, but she finds that she is drawn to Razor not just for his looks, but for the fact that she feels noticed by him. Things between Razor and Breanna develop into more than a mutual friendship and Razor defies the club by asking Breanna to help him find out what really happened to his mom a decade ago. Razor is so sure the club is hiding secrets from him, keeping the truth from him, that he is willing to throw everything away to find out the truth.

When I first started this book, I was a little hesitant because it gives the story of Breanna being blackmailed by another classmate, and it almost felt like it was more juvenile than the first book, if that makes sense. The first book in this series, Nowhere But Here, dealt with more serious issues, like parents lying to their children about their biological dad and about what their past really was. Breanna’s story was that of one being blackmailed into writing papers for a school jock. He was going to blackmail with a photo of Breanna and Razor in a truly innocent moment, but the perception was something more.  I felt bad for her, I really did but I kept wondering how this would tie in to a motorcycle club and Razor with his issues. I am happy to say that it all comes together in the end with a beautiful bow. It makes me incredibly anxious for the next book in 2017!

If you follow me on Twitter (which I hope you do!) then you cannot doubt how much I adore this book. It is full of action, mystery, character development, and HOTTNESS. While I read this story, I could not stop picturing Razor as Tom Hardy and that made the story that much more delicious to read.

Excuse me while I fan myself.

Okay, I’m a little better now.

One thing I really like about this book is that she allows her characters to grow and develop as the story moves along. That is refreshing to read and I hope she continues this. Razor learned that he needed to let people in, to trust them, in order to help himself heal. Breanna had to learn that being herself is more than enough, and that she does not have to carry everyone’s burdens. This is a quick read kind of book, even though it is over 400 pages. I could not stop thinking about this book when I was not reading it. I simply had to know what happened.

You know I cannot say this enough – you want this book. You need this book. You want to read the steamy scenes between Razor and Breanna because McGarry has a way with words that will leave you feeling like:

hot water golden girls blanche steamy




3 thoughts on “ARC Review: Walk The Edge

  1. Did you read Pushing the Limits? I wonder how this compares to that. I thought that was solidly average, but Katie McGarry has written a few books since then, so maybe the writing’s improved a bit. I’m glad you enjoyed it!


    1. I have not read any of those books yet, though they are on my radar. I’d love to be able to compare both writing styles. I really did love these books and now I cannot wait until the next one!


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