Review: Carry On

Carry On



I am still struggling with this story. Really struggling. I have learned the hard way that either you love Rainbow’s stories, or you do not. I fell hard for Eleanor & Park so I stupidly assumed that the rest of her books would going to be that dynamic. I was wrong. I was so, so wrong.

This is the story of Simon Snow, a teenage boy who is sent to a magical school knowing that he is the chosen one, the all powerful one who has a special destiny. Sounds really, really familiar to another popular story that nearly everyone under the sun knows, right? Well, the difference with this story is, Simon has romantic feelings for his best male friend. I’ll be honest… that is about all I can actually remember from the story. There were friends, and some adventures. And magic.

This book let me down on every possible level. I feel I should receive some sort of medal or ribbon for just finishing it. I am not sure I can think of one redeeming quality about this book. It was a long story about nothing. I really kept hoping something would happen… anything. That was a mistake. I should have DNF’d this book when the thought crossed my mind in the beginning. I didn’t care about the characters, plot (what plot?), or anything else with this book. It was a long book full of words that made little to no sense.

I know there are mixed reviews on this book – either you love or hate RR’s stories. Hate is a strong word so I do not hate anything, but I do strongly dislike this book. I feel bad for having read it.




One thought on “Review: Carry On

  1. I have only recently read Fangirl and while I loved it I have no interest in her other books or Carry On. Sorry you arent enjoying it! It can be dissapointing when you think you’ve found a new author to binge read


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