Book Festival Season: NTTBF ’16

I do love Spring for various reasons… Winter is finally gone and temperatures are warming up… Time for cute clothes that are not seven inches thick which can make you look like a snowman….  also because it is book festival season! Time to start planning which book festivals are coming close to where you live and who might you meet: new or old friends; new authors or ones you have met before; so many possibilities! Plus, there is the anticipation of getting your beloved books signed. I take a lot of pride in my books, but more so when I know the author themselves have written a note to me inside the cover. Well, it could be a generic note but I don’t care. It is signed to me and the author autographed – that is worth its weight in gold to me.

One of the newest festivals, and one of the most exciting yet, is North Texas Teen Book Festival. 2016 marks the second year for this event and I have no doubt it will be bigger and better than its first year.


I was so beyond myself excited for the amazing attendees and authors last year, that I came home totally worn out but had a huge smile on my face. I think I walked away a winner with the books I got signed.


I want to note that at this time I had not read The Grisha Series. When I met Leigh Bardugo and she asked me who my favorite character was, I openly told her that I had not read her series because it scared the sh*t out of me. She laughed loudly and said that nobody had the guts to tell her that before. Interactions like that stay with a reader for a long time.

I feel 2016 will be one for the books (no pun intended)! It is difficult for me to say exactly who I am most excited to meet because I want to meet them all. I hope to make new friends as I believe fellow bloggers will be attending and that makes me happy. NTTBF16 is this coming from weekend (April 23) in Irving, TX so expect a follow up post about how everything went down. If you are attending and we talk, be warned I get super nervous and tend to become a huge dork – I apologize in advance for that.

So tell me, are you going to NTTBF16? What book festivals will you be attending this year? Which author are you most excited to meet? I wanna hear from you!



3 thoughts on “Book Festival Season: NTTBF ’16

  1. I live in Austin and we have the Texas Book Festival in October.

    I didn’t know about this festival in Irving. Sounds great! But it’s too far for me to go on a week’s notice. Perhaps I can plan for next year.
    I want too attend as many book festivals as possible. Next year I will be sure to attend BookCon. 🙂

    I can’t wait to read you post about it.


  2. Ahhh, I’m still up in the air about attending NTTBF. A lot of these same authors will be at BookCon as well, so I’m not really worried about missing out but it’s almost too good to pass up (especially since its so close to home). I know I’m gonna spend the rest of this week debating if I should attend or not haha!


  3. You carried all of those books around? You are a trooper! Yay, you got to meet Leigh Bardugo. She is on my dream list. I am not planning on any book events this year. I am hoping the rumors are true and that BEA comes back to NYC again next year. This isn’t a book event, but our local science museum has a SciFi/Fantasy Con every year and they get some authors. Tamira Pierce was there last year. I hope there is someone I am interested in this year. 🙂


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