ARC Review: Heir to the Sky

Heir to the Sky

Publication Date: April 26, 2016
Originally published on

If you ignore the fact that this cover looks *exactly* like The Accident Season, then it is a beautiful cover and looks like a good story. I really was excited at the idea of this book. Sadly, I struggled to get through this book and once I was done, I wondered exactly what I read. I felt there is not anything positive I can say about this book.

The protagonist, Kali, is the daughter in a royal family and is betrothed to the son of a man she barely knows. Her kingdom is on top of a small floating island with very defined limits, such as getting to close to the edge for fear of falling off. Kali accidentally falls off the edge of the island, survives, and wakes up to find that humans are still alive and living on Earth. Kali find a human-monster that she can put her trust in to help her get back to her kingdom. Along the way, she encounters all types of mythical creatures and ultimately starts to learn more about what her home in the sky is really all about.


Oh my stars. So many things were wrong with this book. Let’s go through each one:


The characters were not developed well, in fact they were barely developed at all. Kali had so much potential but never delivered on being a true protagonist. I found myself not caring what happened to her. I kept hoping a dragon would eat her and the story be over with. Griffin, the human-monster that Kali had befriended, was just as bad. He was more like that goofy sidekick throw in to movies for comic relief. He was one of the worst monsters in the entire history of monsters.


Plot? What plot. There was no true plot to this story. There were holes so large you could drive a Mac truck through. I believe the severe lack of world-building lead towards the lack of a plot. Regardless,  nothing happened. If something did happen, it didn’t make sense. It seemed like random events were thrown into the story to fill the pages.


Oh my gosh, the pacing! It was sooooo bad. The pacing was off like I have never read before. Instead of trying to help the reader imagine what was happening, the words “xxx number of time has passed”. UH… no. Don’t do that. It shows more of a lack of planning and plotting than anything else. Help me, the reader, understand what happened. Help me understand or push me to figure out where they were going and what they went through. Help me figure out how she healed so freaking quickly. Did any of that happen? Nope. Not one bit and it left me so incredibly confused.

That covers everything right?

Overall, I did not like this book. I did not enjoy any of it. Maybe this should not have been a stand alone, maybe it should have been a duology just so everything could be fixed or explained in the second book. I should have DNF’d this book but for some reason I pushed through. I’m kicking myself for doing that. I really do not enjoy writing negative reviews but in my opinion, there were no redeeming qualities to this story. I had a hard time giving this story 1 star but anything lower would have been DNF.





One thought on “ARC Review: Heir to the Sky

  1. Oh this review is everything Sara! I did not end up reading this, but I have to admit that the concept was VERY INTRIGUING. But to see that it didn’t live up to it at all makes me sad. And I totally see the similarity between this and the Accident Season! (Have you read that by the way?).

    Really sad this almost became a DNF. It sounds like it should have been. Also sad that the main character didn’t get eaten by a dragon hahahahahh! 🙂 🙂 😉


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