DNF Review: We All Looked Up (Ugh)

We All Looked Up


I was really hoping to avoid DNFing books this year but here we are, on my second DNF of the year. It really hurt my bookworm feelings to have to quit this at only 30%. Let me explain why I was more than happy to put this one down and move on.

This is the story of five teenagers from all social groups whose lives intersect after the Government announces that an asteroid is going to hit the Earth in the next 7-8 weeks. It is predicted that 66% of the population will be wiped out. The teens are going to do their best to live what is left of their life to the fullest and one of those ways is by shedding labels and being true to who they are.

This book had a lot of promise as it had a great premise but it just did not deliver on it. I was listening to the audio book version of this and it felt like a very long, boring story.  It was at 25% through the story before the asteroid was even mentioned, but it was casually mentioned like it was an everyday event for a deadly asteroid to be on a collision course with Earth. Meh. No big deal, everyone! Yeah, ok.

The characters felt very one-dimensional and shallow. One would think they would have some definition that defines who they are, but instead they were self-centered and awful. I found myself not caring what any of them were going through or where they came from. I did not care how they came together or how they chose to live their lives. Actually, I didn’t get far enough to find out because I quit at 30%. I could not take anymore. Not only was the story completely boring, it was not going anywhere. It was painfully slow and uneventful. I was almost cheering for the asteroid to shock everyone and take out Earth just so the story would be over sooner.

I can not recommend this book to anyone. The audio book did not do this story any justice. The narrators (there were several) were terrible at expressing emotions or even any type of personality. Please, do not suffer with this book. Skip it and pick up something you  have a great chance of enjoying.



6 thoughts on “DNF Review: We All Looked Up (Ugh)

  1. Haha, I love DNF reviews. X) Definitely will not be picking this one up ever.
    It’s a shame even the audio book couldn’t save it.Clearly, they weren’t very discerning with their choices for the narrators.


  2. Hahaha I read this a year ago, and I wasn’t that impressed. I don’t even remember half the characters in this, and it definitely felt like everyone was “ok” with the asteroid? Like I would probably be freaking out if I were in that situation!

    Awesome DNF review! And it’s fine to be mean hahaha.


    1. I read a lot of other reviews were people simply adored this book! I have met the author and he is a super nice guy, but this story was just not for me. I apparently am not the right reader for this one. A lot of my friends had the same response to the book. 😦

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