April Subscription Boxes: OwlCrate vs. Uppercase

Welcome to the April post where I show you what I received from two popular subscription boxes: OwlCrate and Uppercase. Who was better?



The first sub box I received was Uppercase. They normally send their boxes out on the 15th of each month, but they had a slight delay with one of the items they were giving in their box so the mailing dates were pushed until the 20th. I have no issue with this because we were sent an email telling us what was going on. I commend them for their constant communication! However, once I received the delivery and opened my April package, I was more than underwhelmed. April’s box included a signed copy of Scarlett Epstein Hates it Here by Anna Breslaw, a set of stickers to go with the book, a Harry Potter inspired poster, a Harry Potter set of bookmarks (the bookmarks were what delayed the package overall), a Harry Potter inspired notebook, and a “I Read YA” button.

I was not blown away by anything in this package. I already have a copy of this book so I was not thrilled to see another one show up in my mailbox. I just do not do stickers so I won’t even comment on those. The poster is very well done, but I’m not huge at hanging posters in my library. The bookmarks may be the only thing I like. Sure, there is a HP inspired journal notebook, but it is just ‘meh’. I love almost all things HP but I’m not excited about this one.

Uppercase subscriptions are $23/month and have no themes. They took to social media not too long ago priding themselves on not going by monthly themes. Their focus is providing the best quality books/items to their subscribers.




OwlCrate arrived in my mailbox the day after the other sub box. I had been so excited for this month’s box as it had a theme – Dystopian! That’s my jam. That was until I found out what was in the box. Inside was a hard cover copy of Flawed by Cecelia Ahern, a small notebook with “George Orwell nineteen eighty-four a novel” on the front, a “Property of WCKD” decal, a Hunger Games magnet (sorry, it is turned over in this photo but it is simply a picture of the MockingJay symbol), a Hunger Games bracelet, an advertisement for The Star-Touched Queen, and a drink coaster.

To say I was underwhelmed and disappointed is an understatement. Yes, I was underwhelmed with Uppercase, but this box let me down even more. I might be running out of words to properly describe how ripped off I am feeling right now. OwlCrate is the more expensive of the two boxes ($29.99/month before taxes) and this one made me feel more robbed than the last one. There is not one item out of this box that I am even a little bit excited about. I have a very similar bracelet for Harry Potter and it cost me $7. That combined with everything else does not make me feel my money was well spent.





I knew after this post I was going to cancel one of these subscriptions, and I already have. I do not feel they are worth my money anymore. I know people that wait to see what shows up in the monthly boxes and if they like something, they will find out what Etsy or Society6 store is selling the item and buy it there. That sounds a lot smarter than what I am doing. I really hoped both April boxes would knock it out of the ball park but instead, they didn’t even pull into the parking lot of the ball park.


If you had to cancel one of these, which would it be?





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8 thoughts on “April Subscription Boxes: OwlCrate vs. Uppercase

  1. Eep, so sorry you didn’t like the boxes! I don’t generally do subscription boxes because I’m not very much into book accessories/items. Which one did you cancel in the end?

    Also have you had the chance to read Scarlett Epstein yet? I just finished it last night and was kind of disappointed, haha.


    1. I ended up canceling OwlCrate. Monthly, with taxes, it was close to $34 a month. That’s WAY too much for my wallet with what is being sent now.
      Sadly no, I haven’t read the book yet. Honestly, it doesn’t seem like it appeals to me at all. I was thinking of giving it away.


    1. I really liked the idea of themed boxes when I joined OwlCrate but lately everything has been falling flat for me. I don’t mind the HP items but they aren’t really items I am interested in owning. I don’t feel I have to own every single thing HP on the market. These didn’t appeal to me so much.


  2. Aw, sorry to hear that both boxes didn’t excite you this month. I haven’t ordered any subscription box before nor do I plan to (at this time, at least) because they are quite costly. I actually love that Harry Potter inspired journal! I think I would’ve liked the Uppercase box, but probably not this month’s Owlcrate. Maybe consider doing a giveaway for the things you have but aren’t interested in..?


    1. I think the giveaway idea is perfect! I may collect all of this swag and do a giveaway. 🙂 You have nailed it – I did like the Uppercase more than OwlCrate this month… and overall.


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