The Raven King Book Tour – Houston Stop

I am over the moon excited to share with you the experience that was The Raven King Book Tour as it stopped in Houston at BlueWillow Bookshop. I am new to the Raven Boys (just started a couple of months ago) but I am hooked and have to know how this series ends. The Raven King was released April 26 and I held off buying a second copy as I had one waiting for me at the signing. I either didn’t realize or forgot that if you bought TRK during the tour, you received a book series cover drawn by Maggie herself. These items are much more amazing in person.




When I tell you this event as packed – I mean it was packed. BlueWillow is not the largest bookstore so to have a couple hundred people inside this store was amazing and crowded. Lines started early in hopes of getting the best seats. Honestly, every seat was the best seat because when Maggie came out and started talking, you didn’t care how full this store was, you were just thrilled to be there.

We all know that Maggie is an amazing story teller from her books, so please believe me when I tell you she is just as engaging in person!






She told stories of what she her job consists of on a daily basis. These stories involved the time she allegedly set John Green on fire while racing cars, how she realized she should stop being a commissioned artist to become a writer, how she has a difficult time writing on planes, where her stories come from, and when she learned the first time she hit #1 on the NYT Best Sellers List. She was so animated that the entire store was laughing the whole time. She was just the greatest.

Maggie talked for about an hour then we moved on to signing – everyone’s favorite part! We did move quickly through the line as there were a lot of people waiting. I tried so hard not to fangirl but I think I failed. I am normally very composed in front of authors, but not this one. I felt as if I was stumbling all over my words. *embarrassing*


My non-posed photo while sporting my Tom Felton shirt. It was a good night.


This made it all worth it though. ❤




Upon leaving, I was able to see just how long the lines were to get books autographed. And keep in mind it was a horribly humid and muggy night in Houston, so that did not help.







These photos don’t look like a lot of people, but please believe me when I say people were everywhere.

The very cool thing Maggie did was bring a car cover with her on tour so everyone that attended could sign! That way she would always remember the tour for the final book of The Raven King. How awesome is that?!



(I saw later that the girl in this photo wrote a huge paragraph on this car cover. :-O It was hard enough to write on this thing, let alone a paragraph but I commend her dedication.)



My little spot on the car cover. ❤


Will you be able to attend Maggie’s tour? Let me hear from you! I’d love to know how the rest of the tour goes!




5 thoughts on “The Raven King Book Tour – Houston Stop

  1. Fun! I love meeting authors and seeing who they are as people — sounds like Maggie would be an amazing person to meet. I can’t wait to see her at BookCon! Thanks for sharing — glad you had a good time!


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