Top Ten Sites I Spend (Waste?) My Time Visiting

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. Every week they have a different theme for bloggers to post their top tens about, and this week I’m listing my…

Top Ten(ish) Sites I Spend (Waste?) My Time Visiting

Now this is no shock to anyone. Can we say addicted?
I’m there but it is more to keep in touch with family but I’m there.
I find myself scrolling through this every chance I get, but not as much anymore as I don’t like how everything is out of order. Stupid algorithms.
You guessed it. I always have a tab open to WordPress because I’m either tweaking a post or working on several.
I am always, always in my email
Have you guys been to that site? Hilarious pictures!
These guys KNOW how evil they are and I call them out on it every chance I get. Just shut up and take my money already.
I know this isn’t ten but I am a creature of habit. So tell me, what sites do you spend most of your time on?

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