ARC Review: The Fall of the Butterflies (Avoid this book)


The Fall of Butterflies



This is yet another debut novel that was a huge disappointment. I picked it up because I wanted to try to read outside of my normal genre and it bothers me that these books are not living up to my low expectations.

This is the story of Willa and Remy, two girls who become amazing friends while at an ivy league high school. Willa has a mother that is famous for her brain, while her father is just a regular guy. Willa grew up with her father so he had a rather normal upbringing, except for when it came to what Willa did academically. That is when her mother kicked into gear and did her best to dictate what happen. Remy is the type of girl with an infectious personality, everyone just wants to be friends with her. Remy does Willa a favor when she befriends her and allows her into her crazy world. Each girl has their own demons to fight and this friendship really good for either of them?

The first thing of note with this story is the writing style. It certainly will not be for everyone and if you stick with it, it will take some getting used to. The reader will either love it or hate it, no middle ground. Most of the writing can come across as if the author is talking to the reader like they are a three year old. It is almost demeaning at times.

Almost right away, I started to immensely disliked Willa. She chooses to describe her classmates before even meeting them. How is that possible? However, when she does, she is HORRIBLE. She is rude, inconsiderate, insensitive, and hateful. She gives them terrible names like “OCD”, “Peanut Allergy Boy”, and “Headgear Girl”. I could not figure out if the author wanted the reader to immediately hate this character or what her end game was. Actually, Willa’s character is a void of anything solid and reasonable. She admits to being suicidal and having suicide plans, but the reader never finds out why she thinks this way. This is, quite possible, one of the worst written MCs ever.

The intense and immediate attraction between Willa and Remy may lead the reader to believe they are lovers, but they are not. No idea why the author chose to include this as part of the story because it truly does not hold a place in the story. It serves nothing to the overall plot. Speaking of plot, I’m not sure there is one. If there is, I wasn’t able to find it.

It is not hard to guess that I did not enjoy this book. I couldn’t find anything redeeming about it. Willa’s character is a horrible human being, and Remy is just bad news. These two are like a puddle of gas and an open flame. I would not recommend this to anyone. There are much better books out there and I would suggest you pass over this to get to them. That’s why I gave this story 1.5 stars. The only thing that brought it up from just 1 star was I liked some of the places Willia visited and talked about. That was simply it.




2 thoughts on “ARC Review: The Fall of the Butterflies (Avoid this book)

  1. I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy this one. I’m now curious as to what sort of description the book gives in terms of what it’s about, because it sounds pretty terrible from how you’re describing it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


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