May Subscription Box Review: Uppercase!

Welcome! Every month I try to post a review of my monthly subscription boxes but as of May, I only have one sub box since I was starting to feel they weren’t worth the money. You can probably tell from the title of this post that I canceled my OwlCrate subscription as that was the most expensive and it was starting to really not be worth it (IMHO). So allow me to review with you – May Uppercase!


This sub box arrived late due to mishandling from USPS (thanks, jerks). It should then be no surprise when I say I knew what was going to be in the package long before I opened it. sigh This month’s box was rather underwhelming in my eyes. Included this month: Signed copy of Girl Against the Universe  by Paula Stokes (a true fave author of mine); GATU bookmark and sticker; another bookmark advertising a new type of tea inspired by Jane Austen; a package of loose leaf tea; and a package of 4 postcards.

Uh… the only thing that I am excited about is the book. I have wanted to get my grubby hands on this book since it was announced. I could honestly do without the rest of the stuff. The post cards aren’t from any story, nor are there any notations on the back (they are all the same, btw) so I don’t know if someone created them or whats what with them. I do not drink tea so that do not interest me one bit.




Do I feel May’s Uppercase was worth my hard earned money? No, I do not. I did see pictures of what was sent from OwlCrate and I can tell you that I am thrilled I canceled that one. I wasn’t interested in anything they sent month.

So riddle me this – would you continue this subscription? Should I give it one more chance or cut my losses altogether and move on? I know which way I am leaning but would love to hear your opinion.





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