Review: Mr. Fahrenheit (don’t bother with this one)


Mr. Fahrenheit



I was not exactly sure what to expect when I started this story. I knew it would have a sci-fi feel and thought aliens might be involved. I was not wrong, but sadly this story just did not do it for me.

This is the story of Benji and his ordinary life in a small town in the middle of nowhere. Benji dreams of the day he can leave his hometown and his grandfather in search of something bigger. He is just looking for the one moment where his life will change forever. Well, Benji gets his dream when he is with his friends when they spot a flying saucer falling out of the sky. For several reasons, they choose to keep this UFO a secret. Benji sees his dream recognized right in front of him – he could solve the mystery of this UFO and change his life forever, or is this more of a curse that could destroy everything?

This is another book that had potential but it failed to deliver. It had an interesting concept, such as an alien that was only able to communicate through songs, but it just fell flat. This was just a slow read and I was bored most of the time. Nothing was truly happening at all. No real action happens until the end of the story. When I read a sci-fi about ALIENS, I would like there to be some actual involvement from the alien itself. Jump out of the ship and scare the character! “ET PHONE HOME” if you have to! Anything would have been better than what happened here.

I wanted more from Benji’s character but it just did not happen. I was more frustrated than anything else because nobody did anything, nobody developed or grew up as the story continued. The characters felt shallow and two dimensional. Nobody stood out, I did not connect with any of the characters, and found myself not caring what happened to any of them.

There is not much more to say about this book because it did nothing for me. I was not impressed on any level. It felt like a ho-hum story but nothing I would recommend to anyone. I did not DNF the book, so that has to count for something. I gave this story 2 stars overall.





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