May Book Wrap Up



Hello everyone! Welcome to my second Monthly Wrap Up. I had a good time completing my first wrap up that I wanted to do it again. 🙂

Books I Read

I felt I read more books in May than April even though I had a lot of personal issue going on. It appears books kept me sane and I owe a lot to them. As a result, I finished 29 books in May – both audio and physical books. This brings my total for the year to reading 116 books.

17 – Audio

12 – Physical






I do not remember my rating for all of them but I can remember that most of the books towards the end of May were not as great as I had hoped.

The best books I read were We Were The Ants, The Sleeping Prince, The Last Star, And I Darken (review coming soon), and With Malice. I hope to continue this pattern of reading more and better books during the month of June.


Bookish Events

I had the pleasure of attending a Maggie event for The Raven King and the Fierce Reads Tour. Both were amazing events!


June Bookish Plans

The My Lady Jane book tour will be stopping in Houston mid month and I will be there with bells on. 🙂 Other than that, just reading!


How did you do in May? How was your reading? What events did you attend and what would you like to attend in June?




9 thoughts on “May Book Wrap Up

  1. 29 books in one month?!! *picks self off floor* And, oh, what good taste you have. I want to read every single one of those books. I just got approved for the As I Darken ARC and am super excited to read it.


    1. I thought I was going to have a slow reading month… until I counted how many I actually finished. Crazy, isn’t it? Most of the books are so good! And I Darken was SO GOOD! I hope you enjoy it!!

      Liked by 1 person

        1. I listen to audiobooks at a 2x playback so I can finish in half the time! And I am able to listen to these books while at work. I also have been reading physical books at a much faster pace so a 300 page book can take me 4-5 hours. I usually read those on the bus ride to/from work.


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