Review: The King Slayer (The Witch Hunter #2)

The King Slayer (The Witch Hunter, #2)


I have so many mixed feelings and emotions with this book. I was very excited to read the second book after enjoying The Witch Hunter so much. Instead of being an action packed read that felt as exciting as book one, I was met with disappointment.

The King Slayer picks up right where The Witch Hunter leaves off. Elizabeth Grey has been mortally wounded and trying to recover, John now has her beloved stigma, and everything about the kingdom had been turned on its head. Elizabeth and her allies spend most of their time trying to build an army in hopes of defeating Blackwell, who has taken on the role of King of Anglia.

Yeah, that’s about the jist of the story.

I had such high expectations for this story but none of those expectations were met. This book felt very long and very boring. A lot happened but it felt just like too much and it didn’t get the characters anywhere. They could have been running on a hamster wheel and made more progress towards the end goal. Not to mention it all felt predictable. Oh, Elizabeth is going to do something totally stupid and give the enemy exactly what they needed in order to obtain their goal? OK. *eye roll* Elizabeth needs to save the kingdom and everyone in it? Okay. *BOOM* Done. It felt as if it was that easy.

The biggest complaint I have about this book is the characters. It felt as if every single character introduced in book one made an appearance in book two. I’m not big on doing rereads so maybe it is my fault I struggled to remember who all of these people were. I had a very, very hard time remembering that Peter is actually John’s father and that Malcolm and Marcus are really not the same person, even though my mind read the name the same. There were a lot of new character introduced that were also difficult to keep straight. A new character, Chime, was introduced as a potential love interest for John, but other than that she served zero point to the overall story. She felt like a throwaway character but instead many, many paragraphs were devoted to her. There were also characters introduced that had pretty cool magical powers that were given several paragraphs and you thought they were going to be big to the story, only for them to completely disappear two pages later. *grrrrrrr*

There was also a huge lack of character development throughout both books. The person Elizabeth started out as in book one is exactly who she ended up as at the end of book two. I felt she was still very selfish, self-centered, and overly sure of herself. John was such a promising character in book one but that was lost in book two. I’m not sure who he was supposed to be in this book but I didn’t care for him. Malcolm, the king, was introduced as a jerk and a hateful person in book one, yet it seemed everything was easy forgiven of him in book two and everyone liked him again. (???)  sigh

Now let’s discuss the every popular topic: love triangle. DUN DUN DUUUUUNNNN!!!! That’s right, there are several love triangles introduced in this book. All of them completely and utterly unnecessary. John was supposed to be in a love traingle with Chime and Elizabeth; Elizabeth was supposed to be in a love triangle with Malcolm and John; and more that I cannot recall right now. Maybe my brain has chosen to block that information. Either way, they were pointless. The romance between the characters felt fake and forced anyways. I didn’t have any swoony or gushy feelings for anyone. Plus I was not shocked or surprised when people ended up with who they ended up with.

Overall, did I like the book?

I don’t say this often, but I am a little sorry I read this series. The Witch Hunter started out so strong and to have it end on a fizzle really irritated me. I wanted to DNF this book so many times. Maybe I should have when the initial boredom swept over me but like a champ I kept on until the end. I do not recommend anyone doing that. Do yourself a favor and don’t pick this up. It did not live up to any of the hype. Instead, make up your own ending where everyone makes it out alive and is happy.



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