My Lady Jane Book Tour: Houston



On Monday, June 13, the lovely authors of My Lady Jane made a stop in Houston at Blue Willow Book Shop! These ladies are so amazing that there is no way I would miss this event. And to say I was not disappointed is an understatement. While waiting for the even to begin, the authors walk in and immediately make their way tot he YA section to look for books and their signatures on the wall. It is so much fun to see authors in the wild…




It was a packed house when it was time to start. (L-R) Jodi, Cynthia, and Brodi sat down and it was clear from the start that their excitement would be infectious. You could not help but be so happy and anxious to read this book! We quickly learned how Cynthia came up with the idea for the story, then asked Brodi and Jodi to join her in the writing process. We were told how the book took shape and who is the funny one of this trio. We also learned that these ladies first met each other on a group book tour many years ago. Their original signatures are on the wall right above the YA section!



Soon, there was a reading. That’s right! Jodi, Cynthia, and Brodi put on amazing hats to read part of their story to us. Jodi is reading Elizabeth, Cynthia is Edward, and Brodi is G. Let me tell you – if you haven’t had an author read some of their humerous work to you, then you haven’t lived. It was just downright fun!



When it came time for the signing line, I was actually nervous. I normally don’t get nervous around authors but this time I did! I have met Jodi several times and I met the other ladies at the recent North Texas Teen Book Festival, but they were flocked with readers so I knew they wouldn’t recognize me. It doesn’t matter because as a reader, you want to leave a good impression. What did I do? I believe I stammered all over myself and sounded like a fool. I’m a class act, what can I say.



I hope everyone had the chance to meet these authors during their tour. If not, please, pick up this book that (properly) rewrites history and gives Lady Jane the ending she deserves. 🙂




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