June Subscription Box Review: Uppercase

WELCOME!! Welcome to my June Subscription Box Review of Uppercase!!

This may be a quick post as I am not thrilled with my latest Uppercase shipment. Here is what I received:

Another copy of My Lady Jane

My Lady Jane bookmark

Harry Potter wooden magnet

A tote bag

That’s it. I know My Lady Jane is the hot book on the streets, but for both Uppercase and OwlCrate sub boxes to send it out this month is what I like to call “overkill”. I just attended the book tour for this book so I have an autographed copy. Plus an autographed ARC. This copy is not physcially signed, however a signed separate title page was included.

From the Uppcasebox.com website, here is how they address receiving duplicate books:

“What If I Already Have the Book?
This is extremely uncommon since we only choose books published within the past month. If you are concerned, we recommend not purchasing newly published YA books until you receive your monthly Uppercase Box.”

This book box subscription ships out on the 15th of each month so telling a reader to not buy a new book isn’t exactly the best thing, in my opinion.




I am so completely underwhelmed by this sub box that I’m fumbling to find the right words. There is nothing that I received that I am excited about. The tote bag is cute, but that combined with the other two items are not worth my hard earned money. This may be the final straw that makes me cancel my final book box subscription.

What would you do? You have seen month over month what I have received, what are you thoughts? Would you continue paying $23 (before taxes) /month?




3 thoughts on “June Subscription Box Review: Uppercase

  1. Aww, what a bummer! I only subscribe to one box for now so thankfully I haven’t faced this issue.

    Perhaps you can host a giveaway? If you’re on Twitter, it’s a great way to get more followers, which means more exposure to your blog! Just an idea.


  2. I’m sorry you got the same book in both sub. boxes! 😞

    That’s one of the reasons I canceled my Owlcrate subscription. It was mostly because of my not liking swag and thinking it wasn’t worth the money for a book + mostly swag.

    Now I only have Uppercase and a local indie bookstore’s subscription box (which doesn’t send new-new releases), so I don’t have to worry about getting the same book.

    If I were you, though, I’d maybe wait it out a month and see what happens next month. Weigh out the pros and cons of each before cancelling, y’know? 😊


  3. I had ordered the Owlcrate this box and I can’t help but compare the 2 boxes. Owlcrate had a lot more items in it although it’s a little more expensive. I can say if I had gotten the Uppercase box I would have been disappointed too, I’m so sorry 😦


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