Review: Motocross Me

Motocross Me


This. Book. Is. Adorable. It is such a fun read that I’m sorry I didn’t read it sooner.

This is the story of Hana Fisher and her life after she moves to a small Texas town after leaving the big city. Hana is very upset with her mother’s upcoming fifth marriage so she chooses to live with her dad and step family in Mixon, Texas. Hana’s father owns the town’s local dirt bike track and knows that she will be forced to work at this boring place all summer. What Hana does not realize is that the track is actually grown into something that is respected all over the state. Riders from everywhere love this track. By association, Hana is now one of the most popular girls in the town. Things are looking up for Hana as she now has a job that she really enjoys, a family that is good to her, a best friend, and maybe even a boyfriend. Things take a turn for the worse quickly when Hana abuses her power at the track to help a rider cheat for the big race. How will Hana recover from this mistake? Will she be able to recover from this and still keep everything good in her life?

I love, love, love stories that deal with small town life. I am grew up in the text book definition of a small town so I tend to hold those books to a higher standard. I am happy to report here that this book did an amazing job of portraying life in a super small country town.


I also respect Young for giving the MC a step-family that was actually amazing and loving. Seriously! Most of the time, step families or members of step familys are portrayed to be hideous ogres that are terrible people. Not here! The step mom was actually very loving and supportive. She was willing to listen to Hana’s problems and was concerned. That rarely happens so it was really great to read a story in which they are portrayed in such a positive light.

The thoughts and emotions that go through your head when you stay in a small town are so intense. Young really did a good job of portraying those in this book. She also did a great job with the characters. Hana did have her moments where I wanted to slap her, but she is a high school girl and they can be egocentric at times. I was irritated at how she would tend to zone out on things that really mattered yet pay attention to the things that didn’t matter. But again – high school girl. One thing that made me crazy was how quickly she would bounce back and forth between the two boys in the story: Ash and Ryan. It felt as if they were just a game to her and she could toy with them. Let’s discuss Ash and Ryan. Ash first. He really knows how to pull on the heart strings. He really is the overall nice, kind, good guy. He is concerned for others and wants to be good. I admire that. Then we have Ryan, typical handsome, cool boy that knows he is handsome and cool. Therefore he comes off cocky and you want to punch his lights out. You know he’s trouble with a capital “T” and you avoid him. Hana doesn’t. She thinks he is dreamy and persues him when she knows that he is just a player. The other character that was amazing was Shelby, Ash’s twin sister. When she became Hana’s new best friend, I smiled. Shelby is so sweet, honest, and real, it felt like a breath of fresh air in this story. Hana finally had someone to do girl things with and that is always important. Authors need to include more aspects of friendship in their stories, it is needed topic.

I’ll admit, I wasn’t sure I would be able to jive with the motorcross side of this story as that is not a known topic to me, but I’m here to assure you that it works. Young did an amazing job of explaining the motorcross sport and everything involved in a way that didn’t feel like an info dump. It was a fun way to learn about the sport and be excited when motorcross races happened. I did not find myself bored with any part of this story. I felt engaged the entire time and that doesn’t happen a lot.

I’m not sure I can say enough good things about this book! It is a quick read, but it’s a fun read. I really hope everyone gives this book a chance!





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