Review: In the End (In the After #2)

In the End (In the After, #2)


It hurts me to write this review after gushing so much about In The After. I really expected this story to be as amazing as the first. I hoped this book would not let me down but unfortunately it did.

This story picks up right where In The After left off. Amy has left New Hope after learning that her mother was the cause for the mutation that has turned humans into alien-like creatures. She has been on her own for a few months, never forgetting that she left Baby back in New Hope. One day, after a long stretch of silence from Kay, Amy receives word that Baby has been taken by the scientists. Kay also tells Amy that in order to save Baby, Amy needs to find her brother, Ken, in Fort Black and he will help save Baby.

Yeah, that is about it. As you can see, Amy’s life revolves around Baby now. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, only it doesn’t really make for a great story.

Amy’s character in this book somehow became stupider. She kept doing stupid things over and over, each time expecting a different result.  Example: She finally made it to Fort Black and behind the walls only to find out the place is incredibly dangerous. The best way for women to survive is to be “claimed” by a man. That’s right… we seemed to have transported back to the 1800s when a man had the power over women and what they said was law. Women’s word didn’t count for anything, even if they could take care of themselves. All of that aside, Amy knew that saying she was “claimed” by Jacks, the Warden’s nephew, was a farce in order to get through alive, but she took it way too seriously.She kept getting herself into very dangerous situtations with violent and offensive men (former inmates) and was deeply offended when she had to say she belonged to someone else. Get over it! If you want to win, you have to play the effing game. Suck it up and deal with it. None of the other characters did a great job of standing out or doing anything noteworthy. They were all kind of blah.

The story line itself was predictable at best. Amy has to find the doctor that can save Baby and then… save Baby. Um…. ok. This is what ends up happening for about one half of the book:

  • Try to find doctor, get into bad situtation, get attacked, get saved by someone else
  • Repeat first step times infinity



I stopped several times to make sure I was reading the correct book because this felt like such a long way off from the first. Things continued to get worse in the second half of the story. Amy makes it back to New Hope but it all became predictable… again. I am not sure I have rolled my eyes so much in one book. The doctors/villians were at it again at New Hope because they were testing on Baby trying to reproduce those results. Then it was revealed that… BRACE YOURSELF… they had to clean humanity’s mistake and a reconstruction of the world was past due. That’s right, everyone, the typical “the world has become a horrible place and needed to be cleansed” story line.



Maybe it is my fault for having such high hopes and expectations. I really thought this book would deliver in the end (no pun intended) but not even close. The ending was so, so, so very rushed that I almost got whiplash. Why do authors rush to crame everything into the last few pages?! That doesn’t make a good book, it makes for a frustrating book.

Overall, I was disappointed with this story. This entire story felt rehashed and unoriginal. I cannot and will not recommend this to anyone. The first book was outstanding and obviously this one was not. So to you, readers of this review, I suggest this: Make up your own book 2. Or maybe don’t make up a story at all. Just think that the story ends when Amy escapes New Hope and life goes on.





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