Review: Talon

DRAGONS! Dragons = intense action…right? Apparenlty, no. They are just typical angsty teens like the rest of us. Oh, and the same goes for dragon slayers. Who knew?

TALON is about teenage twin dragons Ember and Dante Hill (loving the names) who live in human form to fit into normal society. They are tasked  to fit in and eventually infiltrate areas of power for TALON, the dragon organization. In addition to blending in, they have to remain hidden from The Order of St. George who hunt down and kill dragons.

Obviously, I had very high expectations for this book and was very excited to begin reading. I pretty much held out hope that the action was right around the corner until I realized I was almost finished. The whole book felt more like a typical teen romance than a story about dragons. I swear, I would have forgotten that Dante and Ember even were dragons if they didn’t say so every other sentence and that hurt my feelings a bit.

Dante doesn’t actually have a huge presence in this book and I didn’t really connect with Ember as she is awkward and whiny. However, I did really like the St. George soldier, Garrett!!! Then, of course, there is the rogue dragon, Riley. As you’d expect, he causes the bad boy butterflies … who doesn’t love a slightly dangerous looking hot guy on a bike? Helloooooo bad boy!

Ember talks and talks about how close her and Dante are but, there is never any evidence of that through the whole book, infact, it’s quite the opposite. As for Ember herself, she really wants to soak up the human teen experience and I get that but, that’s it… She begrudgingly does her dragon training and then runs right to the beach and hangs out with her friends. Then she meets the boys and you think “OK, now things will start getting interesting!” but, they don’t. I really felt like this was just a continuous transcript of her inner monologue. “I just want to go to the beach”, “I just want to be able to fly like a regular dragon” “I just want to hang out with my friends” “oh no, I like these boys but, don’t know what to do about that” “My trainer is mean”….

Now, let’s discuss the boys!!!  And yes, if you haven’t noticed, I get a little boy crazy but, only with book boys, not real ones… honest!

Garrett is assigned to the same town as Ember and Dante with the mission of killing them so, of course, he becomes a love interest. He faces several challenges throughout the story as he has been raised by a dragon slaying army and is now dropped into a beach town and told to act like a normal teen boy. He is a truly endearing character and he will always hold a soft spot in my heart.

Riley is a rogue dragon trying to help young dragons find freedom from TALON. He is the typical bad boy with a heart of gold and a dragon twist. I can’t wait to read more about him in book 2!

I have to say that I was pretty happy when this book ended but, not for the reasons you think. The ending seems to be setting up book 2 for the real action. Please don’t let me down! I know it sounds like I hated this book but I didn’t, I just couldn’t connect with Ember. But, I love Julie Kawaga’s writing style and there were definitely plenty of redeeming qualities about this story, mainly the boys ! It definitely left me wanting more.

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