Review: Finding Audrey

Finding Audrey


I have always read Sophie Kinsella books like a guilty pleasure. I have loved her books for years and that is why I was over the moon excited when I found out she was putting out a YA book. It took me two tries to finally get through this book and the only way I was able to actually finish was because of the audio book.

This is the story of 14 year old Audrey who suffers from severe anxiety. Audrey has been in professional therapy for a while now and Dr. Sarah has tasked Audrey with a new way to help her with her anxiety: video tape her day to day life. While she starts doing this new project, she meets her brother’s friend, Linus. Audrey immediately becomes interested in Linus and she finds herself talking to him more and more. This proves to be help Audrey make more progress with her recovery.

I did not enjoy this book as much as I had hoped. It was not an enjoyable read and I had huge problems with it.

  • Audrey’s mother was certfiably insane and unrealistic. It felt as if she brushed off Audrey throughout the entire book and focused more on Frank. She went overboard yelling at Frank for playing video games and became the “video games are bad for you!” spokesperson. It was maddening. The way she obsessed over Frank and the video games made the reader truly forgot the book was supposed to be about Audrey. The father in the story was the stereotypical “nose in blackberry and not paying attention”. Both of parents almost felt like a type of comic relief. How could they truly be concerned about all of their children if they seem to mock everything in their children’s lives?


  • Audrey’s weird obsession with Linus. It was insta-love from Audrey’s side and it was just odd and unbelievable. How can this one boy suddenly have the power to help Audrey through her anxiety? And at her age?! C’mon! She is supposed to have social anxiety disorder that means she has trouble speaking/connecting with people outside of her safe circle. This story makes it seem like insta-love cures everything.


  • The biggest problem I had with this story was the reader never finds out what happened to cause Audrey’s anxiety. Maybe that was supposed to help with the mystery and intrigue of the story? But, how is the reader suppose to connect with the MC if they don’t really know what lead to the anxiety? How am I supposed to understand what she is truly recovering from if I don’t know what caused it to begin with?


Overall I expected so much more from this story. I didn’t feel Kinsella took this social anxiety disease seriously. This was supposed to be an important book but it was anything but. I’m not sorry I read this book but I am sorry there is so much hype around it.




2 thoughts on “Review: Finding Audrey

  1. I think I learned more about this book in your review than I have from any other. You told me exactly what I wanred to know. I’m open to trying a different Kinsella book but suspected this one probably wouldn’t be worth my time.

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