Review: Top Ten Clues You’re Clueless

Top Ten Clues You're Clueless


This book right here had been on my shelf for a while. And by a while, I mean years. I even met the darling Ms. Czukas at RT Convention when it was in Dallas in 2015. I bought a new set of books from her right then and there just so she could sign them for me. 😀 No shame at all. (See them to the left of where I am standing?! heehee)




GAH… my hair. I wasn’t making the best hair decisions in 2015… and on to the review!

This book is the story of Chloe and her obsession with making lists. She had been making lists for years and it didn’t stop when she got older, instead it got worse. She is working at the local grocery story, GoodFoods, on Christmas Eve when things go from routine to horrible: someone has stolen the money that was supposed to be given to charity. Nobody has any idea who it is, but the younger employees are told they are the prime suspects. They are forced to stay after work and wait until the police arrive to question everyone. This starts the long wait that turns into a rather humerous journey that leads everyone to learn more about each other. Secrets are told, truths come out, and in the end, a the guilty party is discovered.

I. Loved. This. Book. It gave me all of the feels! And it put me in the mood for the Christmas season! From the very start of this book, I connected with Chloe’s character. I thought she was charming, truthful, and honest. She was a delightful protagnoist. I really enjoyed reading from her point of view and reading the constant mental lists she was making throughout the day. Reading Chloe’s opinion of her co-workers made me think of the movie, The Breakfast Club. Anyone here watch that movie? If so, you know what I am talking about. 🙂 The cast of characters in this book was so diverse that it was a joy to read. Every person had their own secrets and their own stories. They way they all came together and formed a tight bond at the end of the day/story was beautifully done. I felt every character had a specific role to play in this story and it would not have worked without them. They were brilliant.

There is romance in this story, it is Czukas after all, and it was done very well. There was a lot of odd flirting that was so endearing. Chloe’s character was a little awkward at times, but what teenage girl isn’t? Especially around the guy she likes the most. She worked with Tyson and to read about their interactions just gave me the “AWWWWW!” feels.

I’m not going to give any spoilers away in this review, but I can say I am kicking myself for not reading this book sooner. It had been on my shelf for the longest time and I’m very upset with myself for letting that happen. I finished this book in no time, it is such a quick read. It is adorable, light, and just a good read. Liz Czukas is now an instabuy author for me. I cannot wait to get my hands on her other books! If you have read this, let me know what you think. I’d like to know if I’m alone with my thoughts on this being just downright adorable.



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