Review: Ask Again Later

Ask Again Later


I picked up this book immediately after finishing Czukas’ other book, Top Ten Clues You’re Clueless. I was still in the mood for a quick, light, contemporary read and this fit the bill… sort of. It was a light read but it didn’t give me the AWWWs I was looking for.

This story opens with Hearth LaCoeur, the protagnoist, with her High School friends discussing the upcoming prom. To Heart’s surprise, she is asked to go by two different guys to prom. These guys could not be any more different. Heart is a people pleaser and wants to make everyone happy and not hurt anyone. She is struggling to figure out who to go with, but her original plans with her group of friends means that someone is going to be hurt no matter what. To help make her decision on who to choose, Heart flips a coin and that’s where the story really starts. Heads: she goes to the prom with her brother’s best friend, the jock, who was recently dumped by his girlfriend. Tails: she goes to prom with the theather geek who has a big secret. This story alternates between heads and tails, giving the reader a glimpse of how her night goes with each guy. What nobody could predict is how Heart’s night ends. That may be the biggest surprise of them all.

I’m going to start this by saying I understand that authors love to come up with unique names for their characters, but this one was almost too much for me. I do love how one of the other characters made a play on Heart’s name and always called her by another organ. HA! That really did make me laugh. Name aside, I liked Heart’s character but I didn’t love her character. I felt she didn’t have much of a backbone, she was always afraid to stand up for what she wanted, and she was a bit wishy-washy. Sure, she was emotionally scared as a child and gave herself a very bizarre rule that she wouldn’t ever date anyone, but she was still a tough character to connect with. She almost always did what everyone else wanted. That bothered me so much. I think it is because I used to be like that in my younger years and as a result, I never did what I wanted. I know other readers love this book and gush about Heart, but I’m not going to be standing in line for her fan club anytime soon. Sorry, but I didn’t like her that much.

Heart is given three options for prom: Her great group of friends, a jock, and a theater geek. The chapters alternate between heads and tails, and they mirror each other. Meaning, the timeline sort of runs parallel next to each other. There was some cuteness in both sides, there were some moments where I rolled my eyes, there were some times when I just wanted the book to be over. I have my own personal favorite between the jock and the theater geek, but it still made me upset that she ditched her original plan to go with her great group of friends. Now I really did enjoy the supporting cast in this story. They were still there to support her along the way, but she kept ignoring what she wanted to do in order to fill an obligation she felt she had. That group of friends is one that nearly everyone wishes they have.

Overall, I did like this story but it is by no means my favorite between Top Ten and Ask Again Later. I’m not sorry I read this story but it didn’t leave me with the warm fuzzies that I was looking for. I wanted a protagonist that stood up for herself a little more. Czukas will still be an instabuy author for me and I cannot wait to read the rest of her books. But tell me, did you read this story? What did you think of it because I seem to be the black sheep, again, with this story.



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