Review: Beware That Girl

Beware That Girl


The cover and the blurb lead you to believe this is a stunning psychological thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat… but alas, that is wrong. So very, very wrong. What this turned out to be was a big fat steaming pile of disappointment.

This is the story of Kate and the way she manipulated her way into the good life. Kate had a horrific childhood and did what she had to survive. Truly tragic events happened and Kate was put into foster care. She found out that she had the ability to con nearly everyone she met and did so every chance she got. But on top of that, she is bloody brilliant. Her main prize: getting into Yale. She is in the home stretch of achieving that when she transfers to another private and prestigious school. She befriends the right people and sets her eyes on Olivia. Olivia is the most popular, the prettiest, and one of the smartest & most wealthy kids at the school. Kate turns on her charm and wins Olivia over. They become fast friends but not everything is that easy. Olivia has some deep dark secrets of her own that won’t stay hidden for long. That means Kate’s ultimate prize may just slip through her fingers.

That all sounds pretty great, right? Wrong. This book was 75% boring and 25% what the heck is going on. I had a hard time connecting to any character. None of them were very well written. Kate had too much going on and she was trying too hard to con people, like she was just too perfect. It was so obvious what she was trying to do and the author made everything rather easy for this character. Kate wants to con Olivia into letting her move into her penthouse? BOOM. Done. Kate wants to be the scholarship kid at the new school and flawlessly fit in with the popular crowd? You got it! Kate wants to get into Yale? Done, dude.*facepalm* It all felt fake and not believable at all. Now for Olivia and her character: she was just too trusting. She kept going along with whatever people told her. She didn’t have a backbone at all. She kept hinting that she had “dark secrets”and a past that she was hoping didn’t catch up with her. Yeah.. when those secrets are revealed, I was not surprised. It left me wondering what story I was really reading. They made zero sense since they weren’t revealed until the very end of the book, and even that was rushed. le sigh Why must authors do that?

The rest of the characters felt as if they were background noise. Johnny is a teenage male character that shows up a lot for Kate but who knows why he was there. He needed a bigger role but instead he was conveniently there. You are told a little of his back story, but nothing that tells why he is always around. I can’t remember the names of the rest of the circle that surrounds Kate and Olivia, probably because I didn’t care to. They floated in and out of the story without really giving substance.

Here is what really got my goat with this story: the plot changed. The story started out with Kate conning her way into a new school and into “the good life”, but quickly morphed in to one of mental illness, psychological abuse, physical abuse, and murder.

Image result for confused gif

Yes, Taylor, I completely agree with you. It makes zero sense. I was so pissed by the end of the book that I didn’t care. Everything you thought you knew about the story and characters changed in the last 5 pages of the book. It was stupid. Just so very stupid.

As you can see, I didn’t like this book. I had such high hopes for it and it let me down. I do not recommend this to anyone. Please, pass on this and read something else… something better. If you are looking for a thriller of a book, this is not it.




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