ARC Review: The Da Vinci Code (Adapted for Young Adults)

The Da Vinci Code (the Young Adult Adaptation)


I loved Dan Brown’s original version of The Da Vinci Code so I was very excited when I found out the story was being released for Young Adults. I tore through this book in no time, but it had me a little confused because this felt so much like the Adult Ficiton story.

Robert Langdon is the leading authority on religious symbols and he is in Paris to present a lecture on his newest book. After his lecture ends, Landon is scheduled to meet with the curator of the Louvre. The curator never makes an appearance, and shortly after, Langdon is informed the curator has been found dead. Things happen so quickly after the police get involved, especially when Lagndon is considered as the only suspect in the murder investigation. Clues are found at the murder site and this sends Langdon on a race against time to decipher the mystery of who murdered the curator. Langdon and Sophie Neveu, a French crypotlogist, find themsevles trying to solve one of the oldest mysteries known to man, one that could change the course of history forever.

I breezed through this book as I already knew the story. I was deeply curious to know how the adult fiction story varied from the young adult version. I’m sad to say it did not feel like there was much variation between the two. Certain details were not the same and the ending was completely different, but other than that it was the same story. The suspense, the thrill of the chase, the uncovering of ancient clues, and the quest itself was still very real, very much alive in this story. One thing that stood out to me was how the new ending of the story made me feel. I don’t feel it made the story any better. Instead, I walked away a little confused by these changes. It did not seem to flow as well and left me with more questions than answers.

The characters felt like the same characters from before. Robert Langdon will always be one of my all time favorite adult fiction characters. He is brilliant, awkward, and complex, but I don’t see how the character in this story was geared toward YA. The same goes for Sophie. I love her character and the way she thinks, but she wasn’t any different. She was always surprising the reader at every turn with her hidden knowledge and that was great. I will say that her part in this story is slightly different than the adult fiction version. I don’t think it worked though. Knowing what happened in the other story made it difficult to see her in that role in this story.

I know I shouldn’t keep comparing this new YA re-release to the adult fiction version but I cannot help it. I so desperately wanted this to be a new take on a story that I enjoyed more than I can put into words, but alas, it felt like the same story. This was a 3.25-3.5 star read for me. I will always adore this story and the brilliant mystery within, but if you want a better version – read the original.






One thought on “ARC Review: The Da Vinci Code (Adapted for Young Adults)

  1. So many people read the original when they where a teen, I don’t understand why they had to do that new adaptation.
    But I’m glad you still enjoyed it, I guess maybe it’ll make more peole read it, as it has a few years now!


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