ARC Review: Bound by Blood and Sand (You want this book)

Bound by Blood and Sand


This story caught me off guard. Based on the reviews alone I chose to give it a go and I was not disappointed. From the first few minutes of this audio, I was hooked. I wanted to do nothing but finish this book. Sadly, my bills had other plans and I was forced to stop once in a while but when I was not reading this, I was wondering what was going on. To me, that is the sign of a great story. I haven’t been captivated by a story like this in a long time.

Jae is a slave to a household in the middle of the desert. She, and her twin brother, are the cursed ones in this civilization. They are bound an ancient law that forces them to obey every command given to them no matter how repulsive. They are unable to resist this curse no matter how much they try to fight against it. Everything within Jae’s world changes when she hears of Lord Elan’s arrival. Lord Elan is visiting from the main city because he, like many other people, is searching for The Well. The Well is the hidden source of magic and water that could save everyone. But… it is hidden and nobody knows the whereabouts. In a series of fortunate events, Jae discovers The Well and she alone has the power to control it. Elan discovers this and soon fights to control Jae but he cannot. He begs her and tries to bargain with her to help him find The Well. But why would someone that has only known slavery, abuse, neglect, and worse want to help someone of power? Jae sets out to discover the well and hopefully free all of the slaves, that is unless Elan’s power hungry father gets to her first. Will she be able to discover the Well and save those she cares about the most?

The writing style of this story blew me away. It is such a simple story, but wonderfully complex at the same time. The concept of the story was amazing to me. People who are considered to be the reason for the downfall of the civilization were Cursed and forced to pay for the sins of their ancestors for all time. This curse forces the person to do whatever vile order is given to them, not matter how horrid it is. They also are forced to only spoke when asked a question and they can only speak the truth. Brilliant! The foundation of the story, the history of The Well, the ancient war, and the Chosen was just fantastic. This story was so rich with fantasy that I couldn’t get enough.

I really liked Jae’s character. She is no proper female, that’s for sure. She is a tough woman that has been forced to be a slave from the time she could walk. She has served the same household her entire life, along with her twin brother. She has known no other life so being a proper lady with class is nowhere on her To Do list. She does her best to stand up for herself when she can. Her development within the story was very well done. She started out wanting nothing more than to tend the garden, and grew into someone that was determined to find the Well and set her people free, no matter the cost. Jae alone discovered the truth behind the Well and chose to do something about it. I like how she grew to trust Elan. Elan was out to prove that he was not as heartless as his father but still wanted to help people. He, too, grew as the story went along. He discovered the truth behind his family’s blood line and wanted to correct a wrong history. I can’t blame a son for wanting to prove to his father that he is his own man and is on the planet for a reason.

After a lot of thought, I realized that I couldn’t find anything I didn’t like about this story other than the wait until the next in the series. How amazing is that? The best part of this story: NO. ROMANCE. That’s right! There is ZERO romance clouding this story! FINALLY! A bloody brilliant story that has no love angst clogging things up! That leaves the story up for more secrets to be revealed, more mysteries to be solved, more magic, and stronger characters. HOORAY! Thank you Allen for finally writing a story like this!

I cannot wait until the next book in the series comes out. I want to be first in line for that book! I wish more people were talking about this story/series because it deserves the attention. It is worth your time to read/listen. Please read and then we can gush about how amazing this book is.




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