Review: The Replaced (The Taking #2)

The Replaced (The Taking, #2)

*Spoilers below – beware!*


I know I wrote a somewhat positive review for the first book, The Taking, but after reading this book I am half tempted to take all of the good words back. This book was not good. That is harsh, I realize that but I cannot and will not lie to you. This was the textbook definition of a filler book. It is simply the book to get the reader from the start of the series to the end.

The Replaced begins just days after The Taking ends. Kyra is with a group of other kids that has been taken and returned. They are all trying to find Tyler who was taken at the end of the first book. They are all doing their best to stay off of the radar so the NSA or whatever secret government agency is trying to find them… especially Kyra. After the group intercepts a secret message that says Tyler might be alive, they all decide to go after him. That leads them to a training camp for returned teens. It seems like a safe enough place but Kyra cannot stop her driving need to find Tyler. Will she and her friends be able to find Tyler? Will they all be able to stay out of the NSA’s reach?

I am not sure I can say it enough in my review: this book was boring. This entire story felt pointless. Again, I know that is harsh but I felt it simply did not add anything to the overall series. So many pages and chapters went by and nothing substantial took place. The author made a huge deal of the kids stealing vehicles and taking less traveled roads. At one point the author spent a chapter talking about how everyone interacted in the vehicle during a long part of the drive. Who cares. It did not add anything to the story. What it did do was cause me to zone out and my brain went elsewhere.

The thing I disliked the most about this story was the uncomfortable interactions between Kyra and Simon. EW. Simon wanted more from Kyra and at times she let it happen. But right after it happened, she immediately felt remorse and told him it couldn’t happen again, then in the next breath she was kissing him again. She kept claiming that she was trying to stay true to Tyler. Listen Kyra, if you are fighting for your survival, who cares about defending your honor with the younger brother of your ex-boyfriend? Why are you sending mixed signals to Simon? Either do or do not. Why did Tyler have to be Kyra’s main focus? How about she learn to defend herself and survive? The unnecessary drama just did not make sense and it drove me nuts. This was supposed to be a sci-fi thriller, not a stupid HS drama contemp. “No, I must stay true to Tyler, whom I love.” And how can you be so in love with someone after only knowing them for a few days?! GAHHH!

I have mentioned it a time or three, this book bored me to tears. I will say that when Tyler did come back it wasn’t until 2/3 of the way into the story. Then the plot twist that was thrown did nothing more than make me roll my eyes. It was not original or shocking, it felt predictable. This story had every feel of a second/filler book. It did set up for the third book but I will not be reading it. I do not care enough about what is going on to finish. Kyra is not a well developed protagonist as she continues to come across as a whiny teenage girl who is more concerned about the boy liking her than trying to save her own life. The rest of the characters are not well written, the plot is wearing very thin, and the thrill is just gone. I don’t care what happens to anyone or anything in this series. This book made me not care.




One thought on “Review: The Replaced (The Taking #2)

  1. I was a little disappointed in this book too. It really feels a little scattered and loses the mystery and ‘crush’ of Kyra that the first book had. It gets even more convoluted in ‘The Countdown.’ I had such high hopes for this series, and while not a complete doozy, had a lot going on that it lost all the elements that attracted me in the start. At least they all have pretty covers 😉


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