Review: 99 Days (more like 99 WTFs)

99 Days


I have had this on my shelf for the longest time, always hesitant to pick it up for fear I’d be let down. I am sad to say that I was correct with my fears. This story is not the contemp that it claims to be. It is a dark, moody, and rather depressing story.

Molly has just 99 days left with her mom and home town before she leaves it all behind for college and a fresh start. She hopes those 99 days will fly by uneventful but small towns have a way of always remembering. Molly does not have a great reputation in her town. In fact, everyone knows that she cheated on her boyfriend (Patrick) by sleeping with his brother (Gabe). This did not sit well with anyone, whether it was their business or not. Molly tries to make the best of the summer by ignoring the comments and glares. She gets a job and tries to stay off the radar. All of that goes out the window when she crosses paths with Gabe and they strike up a friendship. But that friendship quickly turns into a romance. Knowing it would hurt Patrick even more, they continue seeing each other anyways. Can Patrick and his family get past what Molly did to break up the family? Can she see herself having a relationship with Gabe, the boy she slept with while dating his brother? Can she really leave it all behind in just 99 days?

There is more to the story than the blurb above. The reason the entire town/state/world knows this story is because Molly’s mom is an author and chose to write it into a best selling book. What mother does that?! She takes her only child’s pain and turns it into a book for the world to read?! And she does it without asking her daughter’s permission first! I was freaking floored. Mother of the Year, ladies and gents. I almost couldn’t get past the lack of parenting in this book. The adults are just as petty and cruel as the kids. No wonder these teens don’t know right from wrong or have any common sense.

This entire story was seven shades of messed up. I never read one redeeming quality to this story. Molly is such a whiny brat that I never had the urge to encourage her nor did I feel sorry for her. What she did to her ex-boyfriend was disgusting. She had no reason to sleep her with boyfriend’s brother. NONE. Instead of dealing with the situation, she left the town to finish school elsewhere. GROW UP. There is a reason, Molly, why everyone hated your freaking guts when you came back and acted like nothing was wrong. You never dealt with the issue before you ran like a coward. Sure, you messed up but if you would have owned up to it and faced it like a mature person things might have been better. Don’t get me started with Molly’s bouncing between Patrick and Gabe throughout the entire story. That was pointless. Stop forcing a love triangle where one doesn’t need to be.

As you can read, I didn’t like this story very much. The characters were all underdeveloped immature jerks. Every single one of them. Well, the only one I may have liked was Tess and sadly she was just a side character. The parents were immature and the teens were idiots. The overall plot felt lacking. I kept waiting for the actual guts of the story to get better but as the story continued I quickly realized that it would never happen. How in the world was this put into a contemp category? There were absolutely no swoons, no feels, no emotions whatsoever. It was depressing to read. Please avoid if this book if you have not read it already. It is not the squishy feels you are hoping for.




2 thoughts on “Review: 99 Days (more like 99 WTFs)

  1. Eep, sorry to hear that you didn’t like this one! I don’t think I’ve seen too many good reviews for it, but from your post I can really understand why – the protagonist sounds a bit insufferable, and I also really dislike it when characters go back and forth between love interests multiple times. Hope your next read is better! 🙂


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