Review: The Diabolic

The Diabolic


This story. Oh gosh, everyone, this story. I had high hopes for this one but I feel I was cheated. The cover and blurb give the impression this will be an action packed thriller but it isn’t. I was bored a good majority of the read. I couldn’t have cared less what was going on. Do not be fooled, everyone. If you start this, proceed with caution.

Diabolics were engineered killing machines disguised as innocent children. They are programmed to love and protect one specific person – whoever bought them. Nemesis has been raised side by side with Sidonia, the daughter of a very powerful Senator. Sidonia’s family  has angered the Emperor so as punishment, Sidonia has been summoned to the capital as a hostage. Sidonia is to remain as a prisoner of Emperor as a way for her parents to clean up their act and do whatever the Emperor tells them. Sidonia’s mom knows what is happening and chooses to send Nemesis in her daughter’s place. Since they live in such an advanced time and age, it takes a matter of weeks to reshape and change Nemesis’ appearance so she resembles Sidonia. It seems perfect. Nobody notices it is not really Sidonia they are speaking to and interacting with on a daily basis. Everything changes when a mysterious weapon starts taking out planets, including Sidonia’s home planet. Nemesis realizes she is on her own and she must now figure out how to live among humans and develop humanity. Can she do it? Can she keep up the pretense to save Sidonia?

This story started out strong. The history of the Diabolics were explained and it was amazing. Engineered entities that look like humans and “programmed” to protect one person to the death? Sign me up!  That thrill did not last long. Once the plot of the story is given and the plan laid out, I started to lose interest. Once you thrust politics into a story, I have a tendency to zone out. This story quickly started to remind me of Red Rising and I DNFd that story. I found myself not caring what was going on. It was a lot of chapters of Nemesis talking to other children of powerful political people. yawn I don’t care. It did nothing for me and bored me to tears. Nothing really happened. Someone found out who Nemesis really was and formed an alliance with her. Whooptie doo. That wasn’t original, it felt like it had been done before.

The characters throughout this entire story did nothing for me. I didn’t connect with anyone. How could I connect with Nemesis, a creature created and programmed to kill? It was awkward to read her stumble through social settings. She knew what she was supposed to do because she had a computer brain. She was programmed and knew what to do but struggled with it because it was not natural for her. That wasn’t good reading. I found myself cringing during those scenes. There was a somewhat love interest but that was even more uncomfortable. It was not fluid, it was weird. I felt no chemistry between them at all.

Do not go into this story thinking it is going to be an action packed and thrilling story. There is so much killing. SO MUCH. Most of it feels utterly pointless. And when the people do die, they are looked upon like, “Meh. Whatever.” How can this society treat people like they mean nothing in death? Unbelievable. The pacing is horrible and there will be HUGE chunks of the story where nothing happens. The world building could have been and should have been so much more. Instead of describing people, places, and things, the author simply gave them a name and moved on. That, Kincaid, does not constitute world building. I pushed through to the end because I wanted to see what happened … and was just as disappointed as I thought I would be. The only saving grace is that this is a stand alone book so I won’t have to worry about Book 2.

I was so excited to read this and was just as quickly let down. This did not live up to the hype for me. It was boring and uneventful. A robot in space pretending to be human? There was so much potential for this story but it fell flat. I gave this 2 stars and I regret nothing with that. I would not recommend this to anyone. This story felt like it went on forever with  nothing happening. What a huge failure of a story.




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