Rockstar Book Tours: Flicker and Mist – An Excerpt 

About the Book:

Author: Mary G. Thompson

Pub. Date: January 3, 2017

Publisher: Clarion Books

Pages: 384

Formats: Hardcover, eBook

Find it: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Goodreads
Romance, intrigue, and plenty of action are woven into a rich and suspenseful narrative in this powerful YA fantasy. The mixed-race heroine Myra is a Flickerkin and can flicker (become invisible) at will. She hasn’t cultivated or revealed this ability, since Flickerkin are persecuted as potential criminals and spies. When invisible people become tricksters and then murderers, Myra’s Flickerkin heritage becomes a deadly secret, putting her relationship with the leader’s son—and her own life—in jeopardy. Loyalties shift and difficult choices are made before Myra understands who she wants to be.


This excerpt is from page 115. Myra has been forced to hide that she is a Flickerkin—a person who can become invisible—because the government fears them. Now they have begun testing those suspected of having the ability. Myra has been practicing the test with her father so she’ll be able to withstand the electric shocks. The man testing her is her boyfriend’s father.
The shock flowed through me, and I screamed a little. But that was the fake scream, the scream of a girl who hadn’t practiced.

“Very good.” He tapped me again.

I gasped.



It was easier than it had been last night. Either my father had turned up the intensity to prepare me, or the Deputy was going easy.


No, he was not going easy. The shock resonated when it was gone, shaking itself free from my body. Was this what it felt like to have one’s molecular structure rearranged? Was this the beginning?


I could endure this.


Tears rolled down my face, and my hands gripped the chair. My mother had not given in to the pain this way. She had endured. I pressed the tip of my pinky finger into the chair’s wood. The finger that had betrayed her was still visible.


More tears. I couldn’t wipe my face, so they ran down my cheeks onto my blouse.

“Ah, Myra, don’t cry,” said the Deputy. “It’s all over. We need only review the film.”

Over? He had shocked me only eight times. I didn’t dare to say anything that might change his mind. I simply let the tears flow. Maybe there was some sympathy, after all, behind those cold eyes.

The Deputy waved Brach over. Together, they stood behind the photobox and looked at something I couldn’t see.

I closed my eyes, unable to watch. My chest heaved. If emotion could cause me to flicker, then I was done for. I couldn’t control myself to save my life. How could I be so weak?

One cuff clicked open, then the other.

“Thank you for coming, Myra,” said the Deputy.

I opened my eyes. He was gazing down at me, his expression calculatingly pleasant. Was he letting me go?

“You’re a brave girl,” he said.

I gripped the chair as I stood up, then raised a hand to wipe my face. I need to say something, I thought. But all my calm platitudes, my nonchalant small talk, had disappeared with my resolve not to feel pain.

“It looks as if my son was right,” said the Deputy. “He swore up and down that Miss Hailfast could never be a Flickerkin or a liar.”

About Mary

Mary G. Thompson was raised in Cottage Grove and Eugene, OR. She was a practicing attorney for more than seven years, including almost five years in the US Navy, and is now a law librarian in Washington, DC. She received her BA from Boston University, her JD from the University of Oregon, and her MFA in Writing for Children from The New School.
Website | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Goodreads

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