Review: Blood for Blood (Wolf by Wolf #2)

Blood for Blood (Wolf By Wolf, #2)


I am pushing myself this year by reading outside of my comfort zone. Historical fiction books are way outside of my comfort zone. I enjoyed Wolf by Wolf enough that I wanted to see how this duology ended. Sorry to say I feel a little let down by this story.

This story picks up almost exactly where Wolf by Wolf ended. Skinshifter Yael is still fighting the best she can to kill Hitler and rid the world of Natzis. Yael is still fighting this fight because the person she thought she killed was certainly not Hitler. She killed another skinshifter so the hunt is still on.

That’s the quick and dirty blurb for this book. It felt like a very long book to me. I know more stuff happened but I found myself tuning it out after a while. It felt like it droned on for a good length of time with nothing really happening. Yes, an awful lot of Yael’s past and history are revealed, but it felt like it was done as a filler for this book. Part of me feels these two stories were done in reverse order but I can see why Graudin did what she did. It all comes together in a neat bow at the end but the path to get there was not an easy one. Not for the characters or the reader. I was not on the edge of my seat and I was not hanging on every word. I wanted more action out of this, action like the first book had. I feel this was really lacking on the pacing side. When Yael caught a sight of someone she thought she knew, the flashbacks to her childhood started. That lead to her spilling her guts on what happened to her and oh my goodness the inner monologue! There was so much inner monologue! I had a rather difficult time keeping up with the flashbacks and flash forwards.

There is one thing that stood out the most to me: the main plot of killing Hitler was treated like an afterthought. I really wish that part of the story was explored more. It felt like it was a side story instead of the actual focal point. I do understand it was a huge deal to bring down the horrible tyrant and what that impact would mean for thousands, if not millions of people. It just felt glazed over and treated like, “Oh, we need to kill Hitler. Cool? Cool.”

I do feel the characters developed and grew, especially Yael. I liked her character but I didn’t like all of the characters, mainly Felix. I didn’t like how Felix couldn’t or wouldn’t pick a side to save his life. He was so wishy-washy and just there. He felt more annoying than anything else to me. Luke was still the love interest, which felt awkward at times. Are they getting together? Are they not? MAKE UP YOUR MIND. STOP TOYING WITH ME LIKE THIS.

Overall, did I like this story? It gave me closure. It answered questions I had left over from the first book. Did I love it? No, I did not. I liked the excitement and adventure from book 1 more. I pushed myself to finish even though several times I feel I got lost in the back stories. I may be the black sheep with this book but I wanted just a little bit more out of it.




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