Review: The Lovely Reckless (this will not end well)

The Lovely Reckless


This is exactly my face looked the entire time I was reading this book.

Image result for groan gif

This was just as cheesy and painful as I thought it was going to be. Actually, you know what? This felt like a waste of my time and I’ll explain to you if you give me just a moment of your time.

Frankie Devereaux is mourning the brutal death of her boyfriend, Noah. She witnessed his death and is not recovering well. Not knowing what else to do, Frankie’s mom sends her to live with her dad. Her dad has not always been the most involved dad as he is undercover in the world of street racing. It also means no longer being enrolled in a very affluent school in the very affluent part of town. Frankie is forced to enroll in public school (OH THE HORROR) and that’s where she meets Marco Leone.

I may just stop there because that’s where the story really started to lose me. You wanna know why? INSTA-LOVE. gag. vomit. puke. I despise instalove. It is fake and never believable. Frankie had one glance at Marco in the parking lot on her first day of school and couldn’t stop swooning. Marco keeps coming at her with his one liners and come ons such as, “You’re a special snowflake”. Are…. are you serious right now? Is this real life? Give me a freaking break. But it doesn’t end there! The entire story is this way. It is all told from Frankie’s POV and she has the personality of a wet sock. She is monotone the entire time as if she has no emotions, feelings, or reactions to anything other than sounding like she’s wallowing in self pity. She constantly compares herself to other girls. Going to go out on a limb here and say that’s probably not a healthy thing to do. She has battles with herself by saying stuff like, “The old Frankie wouldn’t do something like that but the new Frankie would so let’s go.” *insert eye roll here* Believe me when I say it was like that the entire story. The friendships within the story were refreshing but they fell into the shadow that was the Frankie & Marco instalove story. Sigh.

It felt rather cliche to insert a mechanic shop glass into public school and call it “the school’s version of theater”. And it just so happens Frankie’s dad is undercover in the world of street racing! *GASP* What a small world?! Sorry but I’m not buying it. Frankie just tries too hard to know everything about cars and street racing because of what her dad has taught her over the years.

I wanted to like this book, I really did. I gave it a go and found out that it just did not work for me. I could not (and usually never) get past the instalove. In this story it was just not believable. It was not enough to base an entire action/thriller/whodunit story on their instantloveconnection. I understand that Frankie was suffering but maybe her parents should have gotten her counseling instead of hustling her off to another school, just a thought. I did not like Frankie’s character at all. Frankie just put too much pressure on herself to remember Noah’s killer but C’MON. You cannot be so mopy for an entire book. Your life really isn’t as bad as you think it is.

I know I sounds super negative in this review but I found nothing redeeming about this story. I didn’t like the characters, and again, the instalove was vomit inducing. I know that yet again I am the black sheep with this story but I did not like it. I struggled to get through it because it all felt wrong. I never completely got into this story because I wouldn’t allow myself. It all felt over the top and unbelivable. The absolute best advice I can give you, if you are set on reading this book, is go into it blind and make up your own mind. I can only warn you of the dangers that are ahead if you do read this book.




One thought on “Review: The Lovely Reckless (this will not end well)

  1. I felt like the story would probably end up being exactly what you described, but since so many people liked it I was absolutely willing to give it a try. Maybe one day, but I definitely never felt “the pull” towards it.
    Great review, though, super informative and included every single aspect I was worried about facing.


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