Caraval Book Tour: Meet and Greet with Stephanie Garber

I had plans to be in New Orleans for a work conference and was not really looking forward to being in the city with so much downtime (I didn’t plan to hang out with coworkers after the meeting was over). I wasn’t sure what to do so I reached out to the Twitter community and asked if anyone wanted to meet up. The amazing Kristina (@gone_pecan) told me that Stephanie Garber would be at Octavia Books signing her debut Caraval on Valentine’s Day!  I cannot properly put into words how excited I was because the bookshop was only a 20 minute car ride away!! As soon as my meeting let out for the day I could not change and get over there fast enough. There was a severe storm that was just hitting the city but that was not going to stop me (it turns out it wasn’t nearly as bad as weathermen predicted it to be…). Octavia Books wass adorable. What an amazing indie bookshop! I wish I had more time to wander and lose myself in the shelves.

The area where Stephanie would be speaking was quaint and perfect. The seats filled up quickly. You could feel the excitement in the air because Caraval is nothing short of amazing and a breath-taking adventure. Everyone wanted to hear Stephanie talk to us about her inspiration for the story, her struggles getting published early on, how many books she actually wrote before her first one sold, and so much more!




Here Stephanie is reading a section of Caraval:


She is so outgoing and full of energy that I just wanted to hang out with her and chat. The signing line was easy going and we all were there to have a good time. Nobody was in a rush and that left time to chat with others. I ended up chatting with the shop owner who was the sweetest, most outgoing person! She makes me love indie bookstores even more. 🙂 I was also able to chat with a fellow book lover. We shared stories of books, book subscription services, and bloggers at conventions (like BEA). These events are usually so much more than meeting an author. Don’t get me wrong! Being able to meet a favorite author is always over the moon amazing but so is socializing with fellow booklovers. ❤

When I tell you Stephanie was adorable, I mean… just look.


And to make my night EVEN BETTER – I won the Caraval goodie bag! I must have had all of the book fairies using their luck to help me win. This bag is just awesome. There is the branded Caraval bag, Caraval map (!!), Caraval map pencils (!!!), a necklace, and a notepad.



Now here is a fun (or creepy?) story that happened during this event. When I sat down with the crowd, I noticed the lady beside me was someone I had seen before. She was someone I had met before but I couldn’t remember exactly who she was. But no matter what – I knew she was an author. We talked about our Hogwarts Houses (we are both Gryffindor!), if we were doing anything for Valentine’s Day, good books we have read, just being casual and friendly. I struggled to put a name to her face so I did what any good book lover would do – I went to Twitter.



I wasn’t good with describing what the author looked like so what did I do? I was that creeper person who tried to sneak photos…. Guys, I am usually pretty ninja with my photo abilities but this time I was not. I am so very sure I was painfully obvious. Want proof?



TOLD YOU. Look at that side eye.

I found out after the event that I was sitting next to CLAUDIA GRAY. THAT’S RIGHT. THE Claudia Gray.



Image result for facepalm gif

Claudia, I am so very sorry for creeping. I am really a pretty cool person. I’m not weird or someone to be concerned about. Please don’t hold this against me.

Have you had an embarrassing encounter with an author? Share with me so I don’t feel so bad about what I did.




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