Review: The Rules (avoid this book)

The Rules


What in the actual did I read in this book. This was a level of bad I did not know existed and the level of bad that I actively try to avoid. I borrowed from my library as it was recommended to me. Please, do not let the blurb or the cover fool you – this book is really horrible. I listened to the audio and I liked the narrator, but that was not going to be enough to save this bomb.

Short blurb: Brother plans wicked game to get revenge against the people that helped to push his sister to killing herself. Things get worse and a new killer joins the game.

Wait… me typing it that way still makes it sound like a somewhat decent book. I’m here to tell you that is not the truth. This book was the like reading a slasher movie. A really badly written and produced slasher movie. Let’s start with the storyline: Awful. It was full of holes and just had too much going on. The plot had potential but it fell flat. It felt like the authors over complicated the plot by leaps and bounds. They added so many red herrings in order to throw people off that I truly became lost with what was going on. When I became lost, I lost my ability to care what was going on. Was the brother, August, really the mastermind and the killer? *shrug* Who cared. This story was told in alternating chapters so you had nearly every character with their own chapter. Which means you had their flimsy backstory and take on the fight to save their lives. (I use that sentence tone with heavy sarcasm. There was no suspense in this entire story.) The thing that really started to bother me was how every chapter started with “{Character Name} Rule Number {whatever}” and then that person’s rule would be given. Since these character did not have back to back chapters, the reason behind giving each rule was lost. They were always foreshadowing what was going to happen in the chapter so there really was no tension or suspense. It felt predictable the entire way through the book.

The characters were the other thing that made me strongly dislike this story. There were far too many. There must have been close to 10 characters and every one of them had some convoluted backstory that tied them to August’s sister in some way. *yawn* Do I care? No. It seemed to have an odd place in the story because it is another story and illegal act all on its own. I also did not care about the girl who was head over heels for the lead singer of a band, but they only dated in private. The girl didn’t like that and wanted more. Snoozefest. Then there is the band with the most unmemorable group of people. Apparently the song writer stole the songs and was determined to make it big no matter what. Who cares? That sounds like every other band from a small town. Let’s try to forget the very successful jock that took steroids or the cheerleader that thought she was too fat. This entire group of misfits could be from any high school in America. They were so stereotypical, nothing about them stood out. Oh, I forgot to mention there is a mountain lion. Throughout the story the mountain lion is talked about. I was cheering for the lion.

Please, do not go into this expecting some amazing thriller or raving suspense because you won’t find it here. This is a cheesy B-movie type story that you would find on a lesser cable channel that you settle on watching because there is nothing else on TV. I am really surprised that it took two people to write this story. I do wish I had DNFd but I somehow I was able to finish. I kick myself for doing that. I want these hours of my life back.




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