My Dream Loot Crate Box: Epic Harry Potter


Loot Crate

By now everyone has heard of Loot Crate, right? I am sure you know about this amazing box service that allows you to pick your fandom and every other month you will get a magical box in the mail full of fandom goodies! You cannot beat that type of service… but what if you could design your own fandom box? What would you put in your DREAM CRATE if the sky’s the limit? Just take a moment to think about that…

I have been wondering what I would put into my DREAM CRATE and here is what I chose. I thought for a long time on this because I wanted to list items that spoke to me as a fan. I also bounced ideas off of my BBFF (Best Book Friend Forever) Mariah. Thanks girl!

The Theme of My Dream Crate

It would be a Harry Potter box. No question about it. I love Harry Potter and everything to do with Harry Potter. I know, there are already so many HP boxes running around. I would take it one step further and make it a Loot Crate dedicated to magical items from the epic tale that you just don’t see every day but wish you could. Or… I wish I could.

Items I’d Like To See In My Dream Crate

Luna Lovegood’s Lion Headdress.  This is so awesome that I want my own. Full size, of course.

Image result for luna lovegood lion headdress

Quidditch set. I love quidditch and would love to have a set of the quidditch balls. Not the small ones you can buy at BN, but full size. (It would be better if Oliver Wood came with it but that’s another post…)

Image result for quidditch balls

Enchanted coins. I really loved the idea of communicating by coins and would love to have a set.

Image result for enchanted coins harry potter

Put-outerWho doesn’t want this? This would be AWESOME.

Image result for put-outer

Exploding snap game. Who doesn’t want to learn this game?

Image result for exploding snap

Godric Gryffindor’s Sword. Being a Gryffindor means I would be over the moon excited to have this sword. But this could change per person depending on what House they are in.

Image result for gryffindor sword

Hermione’s bottomless handbag. What person doesn’t want this bag? A bag with no bottom would solve a lot of problems for me.

Image result for hermione's bottomless bag

A full size magical creature. Now bear with me… I don’t mean a Pop! figure, I mean something large that I can proudly display in my home. Like Hedwig or Buckbeak.

Image result for hedwig display

Have you ever thought about what you would do if you had the ability to build a monthly subscription crate based on your wildest ideas? Well, that’s just what Loot Crate is looking to find out. If you haven’t heard about them before, Loot Crate is a geek crate subscription service and they’re currently asking the question “What would be in your Dream Crate?” – so let me know what would be your Dream Crate? Hamilton? Harry Potter? Video Games? Action Movies? Marvel Comics? Graphic Novels? I’d love to hear from you! Better yet – create your own post to share with everyone!



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