Review: Done Dirt Cheap

Done Dirt Cheap


I tried so hard to like this book. I mean, I carried it with me to Orlando in the hopes of finishing it wanted to like this book. The fact I struggled so much to finish this one meant it just was not for me.

Short blurb: Tourmaline and Virginia have an unusual friendship and met in an even more unusual way. Together, they team up to beat the odds and get back at the people that are out to hurt them.

That sounds like a pretty rocking story, right? Wrong. This entire story was boring. BORING. I started skimming chapters about 25% of the way through for several reasons:

  • The writing style was choppy and very difficult to follow
  • The dialogue was cheesy
  • The overall plot had such potential but the author just did not deliver
  • Nothing. Happened.
  • The characters were not interesting

The absolute main thing that bothered me was the name of the main character: Tourmaline. Seriously. Who names their child that? I stumbled over that the entire book. For some reason I figured that by now authors knew that unrealistic names for the characters might throw some readers off. If I struggle to pronounce and know nobody would name their child that, I will not be invested in that character. Petty? Probably but I just know what kind of a reader I am. I did not care about the rest of the characters either. I didn’t like Virginia and did not believe they would form such a fast and tight friendship. It did not feel believable to me. They felt like they were trying too hard to be tough and edgy, like they were trying to convince themselves just how badass they were.

The plot was sketchy at best. I, like many others readers, spent most of my time reading and rereading what I just read hoping I had missed something because the holes in the plot were massive. Sadly that was not the case. The author just did not do a good enough job getting the reader from point A to point B. I quickly discovered that I flat out did not care what was going on. Zero cares. None. Goose egg. It probably didn’t help that I just just finished the Thunder Road series so my mind kept circling back to that as a reference for motorcycle gangs and how they should behave in all aspects. I know that is not comparing apples to apples, but it is just what my mind did. And it told me that this particular story was not good. Again, it felt like a teenage girl that was trying too hard to prove how tough and badass she is.

I tried. I really, really tried to like this book but it just was not for me. I am sad that I did not love this and rated it so low (2 stars and that felt generous) but it just was not my cup of tea.





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