Review: A Million Suns (Across the Universe #2)

A Million Suns (Across the Universe, #2)


I’m terrible with posting some of my reviews. Forgive me! I quickly read A Million Suns immediately after Across The Universe. I could not wait to continue this story.

Short recap: Amy and Elder are still on the ship. Elder is now in command but dark secrets that were never meant to be discovered have surfaced. Together they must decipher these secrets if they want any chance of saving Godspeed and the people aboard.

I’ll be the first to admit – I liked this story a lot more than the first one. I felt there was so much more tension and sense of urgency. Who wouldn’t love that? If Revis can do anything, it is write suspense and anticipation into her stories. The world building is still on point and mind blowing. The plot and pacing never slow down for a moment and that was brilliant. ALTHOUGH… there are a few plot snafus… inconsistencies, if you will. At one point the people aboard the ship complain and riot about not having enough food, yet towards the end everyone is happily fed and nobody is complaining. Uh… how? What? They burned the food down. That’s right. POOF Gone in flames. I don’t see how an editor could have missed a gaping plot hole like that.

The one thing I could not stand was Amy. That girl needed to sit the hell down and shut up. Yes, the life she knew before was over but she needed to put on her big girl panties and deal with it. Did she? NO. Not at all. She was a petulant child throughout nearly the entire story. She became insufferable towards the end when it was revealed that the villain (no names mentioned here) left clues for only her to find. Insert eye roll here. Why her? I won’t spoil that either but it will make you groan and say, “Seriously?” I still enjoyed Elder’s character but he still felt stiff and lifeless, like a robot. I did enjoy seeing him develop as the story went but I was furious that it was not at a faster rate. It felt like he was dragging his feet for some reason. Plus his mad obsession with Amy was uncomfortable at times.

No matter my complaints, I did enjoy this book and I enjoyed it more than the first. Will the third be as good? One can hope. I hope the ending of book 3 is better than the ending of book 2, that’s for sure.




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