Review: The Forgetting

The Forgetting (The Forgetting, #1)


Maybe I went into this book with my expectations too high… maybe I wanted too much from this story… like I wanted it to make sense and not bore me to tears.

Short recap: Nadia lives in a city/village that has the most unique thing happen – every 12 years everyone in the village forgets. They forget absolutely everything about who they are including their own name. They have no idea of their history other than a book that must be tied to them for when they wake up. Well… almost everyone… Nadia remembers. But why?

The premise of this story sounded amazing – a girl who remembers while everyone around her forgets it all. Some say a blessing, others say a curse. The people can start over and begin a new, except for Nadia. She knows what others are lying about and the truth about everyone else. Here is the underlying problem with this story: it is too bloody slow. Oh heaven have mercy it is painfully slow. There is no good reason for this story to drag on for 400 pages. Not One Reason. I get it, Nadia is the “special snowflake” that remembers everything but for her to never do anything with that information is maddening. Either do something or shut up. This was just a weird combo of The Giver and Divergent except it is just too dang slow. At least the other two stories had a point and they got to it. Not this one.

I believe there is a plot to this story but I’m still not completely sure what it is. Why? Because this story took its sweet-ass time getting anywhere. When it did finally start to explain things, it went to the realm of sci-fi. Talk about trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. It just did not fit. It felt too convenient. Can’t explain how you came up with your crazy story? Make it sci-fi and it’ll work out great! Sorry, but no. The sci-fi was such a small part of the overall story that it did not help except to make everything so much more confusing. When I tell you nothing made sense, I mean nothing made sense.

I did not enjoy any of the characters, least of all Nadia. That girl’s inner monologue was a hot mess. Most of the time I couldn’t tell what she was thinking to herself and what she was saying out loud. I quickly found myself not caring what she said because she repeated herself every other paragraph. We get it already! You are the only one that remembers everything! It was only mentioned a million times. She didn’t stand out as a strong character to me because she didn’t do anything amazing. There was not one thing that set her apart from any other character in this story, except for that one thing she keeps reminding the reader. As for the other characters, meh, they all blended together. There were too many and it seemed like they all had the same personality/voice. I didn’t care what anyone was doing. There was a rather awkward romance that did nothing for me.

Overall, no, I clearly did not enjoy this book. It went on for far too long with the action not happening until the last 10%-ish of the book. That’s too dang long to read without anything happening. Color me not impressed. This is supposed to be the first book in a new series but rest assured I will not be picking up the second book, The Knowing. (I see what you did there…) I prefer books with a bit more action and better characters. If you are curious about this, heed the warnings of this author’s works being incredibly slow paced. You have been warned.




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