ARC Review: Little Monsters

Little Monsters


Kara Thomas did it again. I was blown away by her first book, The Darkest Corners, so that made me even more excited to read her second book. I was nervous because I had no idea if this would fall into the second book slump but I’m happy to report that this was just as amazing as I hoped it would be!

Short recap: Kacey is new to Broken Falls and is constantly trying to figure out how she fits in. One night she goes with Bailey and Jade, her two best friends, to visit the old barn that is supposed to be haunted. The next day Bailey is missing and the hunt is on to find her before something awful happens to her. At the center of the investigation is the Kacey. Did she cause Bailey’s disappearance? All clues do point to her…

I liked Kasey’s character from the start. This girl came from such a broken background that it made it hard for me to not like her. She moved in with her Dad and his new wife, changed schools, and trying to just overall fit in. Or at least find out where and how she fits in. Kasey just came across as a headstrong protagonist that was not going to be messed with. She wasn’t overly tough but she could handle herself. Kasey’s “best friends”, Bailey and Jade, were complete pieces of work. They are the type of girls you were always warned to stay away from, but how can Kasey say no when she just wants to have friends that accept her? Hard to argue with logic like that.

I was hooked from the first chapter. Kara Thomas just has a way to weave a wonderful mystery thriller full of twists and turns. This was evidence that she is gifted when it comes to the written word. She made these characters and events believable. I felt like I was right alongside Kasey for this entire crazy mystery. This was such a fast paced “whodunit” that I was finished before I knew it. I don’t know how else to say I was completely involved as the mystery raced towards the conclusion. I won’t ruin anything so don’t think I’m going to give away the ending! What I will tell you is that it stays true to Thomas’ first book’s ending where you just do not see it coming. But once you read it, close the book, sit back and think… it will hit you like a ton of bricks and you kick yourself for not seeing it sooner.

If there was a way I could carry Kara Thomas around with me just so I could have her nearby, that would be swell. She has proved herself to me as an author. She has now become an instabuy author for me and I will forever be her devoted reader. I want everyone to give this a chance so they can experience the thrills and chills that are waiting in her new novel.






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