Review: No Good Deed

No Good Deed


I. Love. Goldy. Moldavsky. She could write a shopping list and I would pay money to read it. She is brilliant and I will forever read what she writes.

Short recap: Gregor Maravilla wants to go to a humanitarian camp over the summer, make friends, and feed the starving kids. What he didn’t expect was what went on at this humanitarian camp.

Not for the first time, I wondered what the hell was happening at this camp.

Oh God this book had me in tears. I was laughing so hard I had to stop the audio and laugh/cry it all out. Moldavsky’s snarky and witty comments never faltered and never stopped. (Bless you for that, Goldy. Never change.) I wasn’t sure I would like the idea of a book about a humanitarian summer camp for teens but like I said, this author could write a paper on the effects of toe fungus in the world and I would read it and probably laugh my ass off. I point out that Moldavsky managed to poke fun of mainstream cultures and the injustice of it all. She makes fun of everything from the social justice movement to men’s rights movement. It was brilliantly done, by the way, and done perfectly. There is a strong underlying message that I hope people don’t miss with this laugh a minute story. It is there and it is a loud, powerful message. I won’t tell you what it is – you have to read for yourself. 😉

The characters are mostly loveable but also actually kind of real. Everyone is flawed, judged, self-conscious, and fragile. Even the celebrity within the story, Ashley. Her pure innocence at everything was amazing. The way she and Gregor became friends brought a smile to my face. Everyone wants a friend, even celebrities, right?

I was so very sad when this story was over because it was just downright fun. It did have some serious notes to it, like I mentioned above, but it was just fun. I laughed at so many moments and am still laughing at them. I am begging you – read this book. Do not go into it thinking it is a serious book about teens that want to save the world. It is a fun story with hilarious moments and quotable lines:

“She likes Adam Levine and the color plum. Not Bruce Willis eating ass.”

It will also make you give a second thought to your own humanitarian ways but in a good way. Please, give this one a chance.



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